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Program with pedagogy and choreography focus

Lady Elle

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Hi, I tried to look up this topic but didn't find anything. My daughter, who is just ending 8th grade right now really has a passion for teaching and choreography. She might like to be with a smaller company for a while but she really see's teaching and choreography in her future. She would love to be at a university with a strong ballet program but also have opportunities that would help her in these specific areas. any thoughts?

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Butler has a strong pedagogy program. Please run a search through your search engine for individual universities to see what their curriculum includes. May I suggest starting with IU, Butler, University for the Arts, NC University for the Arts Raleigh-Durham, in no particular order, to get you started.

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Thank you. its just good to have some starting point as I could be researching this stuff forever! I realize we still have years to go and who knows if her focus will change!

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And so may the programs.

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Lady Elle, having just concluded the college search with DD, I would recommend looking at the University of South Carolina and The Hartt School at the University of Hartford.


USC is a fledgeling dance program, but striving to expand in quality. They offer pedagogy and I believe those who choose that path do receive teacher certification at the end of the program.


The Hartt School, a more developed dance program, is less structured in their pedagogy program, meaning no certification at the end, but all dance majors are offered the opportunity to extend their credentials with the pedagogy program. Although it is not a requirement and not all choose to do the extra work, it is an offering they are extremely proud of.

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Pedagogy track at Hartt is quite rigorous. I believe the students participate in the community division classes as well as outside the university.

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This is so fun to see this thread pop up again. I started this topic when my daughter was in 8th grade. She's now in 11th grade and we are in the throws of college planning! Oklahoma is on our radar. As is USC, Utah, Indiana, and Arizona.

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This is also the direction my dd is headed. Two other schools on our radar are Virginia Commonwealth Univ. and University of North Carolina at Greensboro (although UNC-G definitely has a contemporary rather than ballet focus).

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Lady Elle,

I am new to BT4D so may have missed this. Where did your daughter choose to go? I am curious as to what turned out to be deciding factors and how it all turned out.

Thank you for your time.

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