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Online Videos: Free People (clothing) youtube video ad

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There is a hilarious parody out of this ad. I will link it if it is allowed, not sure of the rules. If I did ballet, it would look like that, lol.

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Hats to Free People for relaunching this clothing line with real ballet dancers. This story aired on CBS. News so I imagine this must have been a public relations disaster for them given their quick response.


By the way, dancypants1 is right. The parody is HILARIOUS!

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Oh, that parody was great. I laughed the entire time!

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My husband is convinced that the original ad is deliberately amateurish and another all to prevalent example of celebrating mediocrity, meant not to appeal to ballet dancers but to everyone who thinks that they too can "do this."


I had thought the ad was similar to scenes in movies where someone is clearly faking playing, usually a cello, or piano; however as our dd pointed out, in those instances you at least hear well played music, not the actor playing.

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I looked at the ads and spoof last night. Found a spoof using a young man - it was hilarious.


I also see now that the clothing line has teamed up with a dance photographer in the San Fran area - some wonderful photos using actual dancers.

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His feet must be killing him! Bare feet in pointe shoes like that? I'd be covered with blisters in an instant!


These parodies are the best, though. I'm enjoying every one! :angelnot: They're all well-thought-out, and absolutely hilarious, and I like that each one has its own spin on how to create the ridiculous look!

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Well, it may have backfired on two fronts. If it gains a short lived success from sales to non-dancers who want to look like dancers then they have given in to the fickle fashion crowd that will change at the beginning of next season or whenever the next new exercise craze comes up that uses different attire. Now if they had attempted to capture both that crowd and the dance crowd as Underarmour has done, then they might have created a lifelong product that would sustain itself in dance until the next time dance attire becomes fashion again. Isn't that like a 10 year time span in fashion? Their loss in my personal opinion.

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I just looked at the free people page hoping they had replaced the terrible pictures advertising this new line but no such luck.... still have horrible sickle footed pointe pics ... what are they thinking?????

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Hahaha the parodies are hilarious! "I've been dancing since I was three. I mean, I took one class. When I was three. I think. I mean, who remembers what they did when they were three?"


"Ballet is so structured. It's like the Eiffel Tower. Which is in Paris. And ballet's French. So they're the same." (in an awestruck tone). :mondieu:

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