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* Average Pointe age?- is 13 o.k.? *

Guest prettyinpink22

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Guest prettyinpink22

Hi everyone. I'm going en pointe this summer after about two to three years of training. I'm in Level 3/4 at a very good school in my area, which I LOVE. 3/4 is like low intermediate, and this summer I'll be going on pointe. I'm 13. I was wondering, is this too old to seriously consider a professional career? I know the age to begin pointe can range anywhere from 10 to 14 and beyond, but realistically, can I aim to be a professional dancer if I start at 13?


Thanks in advance for any advice!


~ nikki

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nikki, 13 is not at all too old to begin pointe. I have known a lot of dancers who did not begin pointe until then, for various reasons. It is always better to be really ready than to go on pointe too early.

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Guest Ange4567

Heavens no :) Some pros didn't even start BALLET until they were in their mid to late teens.


Anyway, sounds good to me. The average age for starting pointe lies somewhere in between 11-14, but sometimes older. I started ballet late. I'm 15 now and have 6 months of pointe experience. Its fun.. I mean it hurts but it makes you proud to accomplish something other people would call impossible. Hope you have fun!

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