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We are from Canada, but are taking a trip to Washington DC next week. My son is in need of some tights, dance belts etc. and since the prices in the US are so much cheaper than here, we thought we might try to find some while we are there. I have looked on line, but I am not having much luck. Does anyone know of anywhere in or near DC that has a good stock of men's dancewear?

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I can't help in the DC area but even when we were visiting New York City where there are a lot of male dancers, the selection in the large dance stores was still surprisingly sparse. From what I am discovering most guys find what they like via word of mouth, trial and error, etc. and then order what they like from one of the cheaper on-line companies that tend to have a larger selection of men's stuff - but even that isn't saying much. In New York at least we could find dance belts in stock and a very small selection of leos and things at Capezio and Yumiko - not sure if there is a Capezio in DC. If it is a larger store it should have some men's stuff in stock - and not just Capezio brand.

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my DS is at vocational school in DC so I asked him and he says he thinks all the boys there buy online. A suggestion is to call a vocational school in DC (such as Kirov) and ask the RAs if they can recommend anywhere?

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Your best bet is Footlights in Silver Spring, MD which is a suburb of DC. You can take the metro there or nearby I believe. Look online at their website and even call. They are terrific and will let you know what they have and the prices over the phone.

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