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Funny dance shirt


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As a mother of a male dancer, I am always jealous of all the cute dance things made for girls. Well today I hit the jackpot. I bought my son a shirt that says " I hang out at barres and pick up women."


My son loves it!

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Love it!! My son just finished up a media blitz and everytime someone asked him how he got involved with ballet (like it is just the most fascinating/odd thing in the world that a BOY would take ballet) my husband would tell him instead of his usual story he should say "What guy WOULDN'T want to hang out at a barre full of beautiful women everyday - and you don't have to wait to be 21!"

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I'd like to know where you got the shirt too!

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I was at my son's Spring Review and there was a lady selling dance shirts. I am sorry that I didn't get her name.

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Thinking one will be appreciated at this house!

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