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First Real Solo!


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DS, who is 12, performed his first real solo in front of an audience yesterday at an end-of-year recital. My heart was pounding when he first walked out! He was the only boy with 6 girls and he had two solo sections in the piece. It was so wonderful to watch! He landed his tours, leaps and pirouettes with confidence and looked so princely strutting around and escorting the girls. It was the first time watching him dance that I was able to really imagine him on stage with a company of dancers. We both left the recital flying high! I am sure many of you have experienced the same kind of moment. Please share!

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Congrats to your son. Those moments on stage are magical to watch. May there be more such moments in the years ahead.

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My kids really don't like it when I watch them in class throughout the year so when recital time or other performances roll around, I am always amazed in what they have accomplished. You have this picture in your mind of how they were last year/previous performance, or even how they were when they were 5 or 6 years old. It's surreal when your teenage son comes out, dancing his heart out, and looking every bit of the man he is to become. There he is, acting the princely part - all mature and handsome! But in the back of your mind, this little voice keeps asking - is that the same kid who walks around in his Oscar the Grouch sleep pants and babbles on in the "fart language" he proudly informs you he has made up? If only the audience knew what he was like at home!

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Thanks Chel and Dancingboymom! Dinkalina - so true! One thing I forgot to say was that because they banned parents from taking pictures and filiming, I was able to be fully in the moment, which helped to create the magical experience and memory. Now, of course, I wish I had a picture or two in addition to my happy memory!

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I just cried when my boys performed with a professional ballet company (as children). Especially because I could never have gotten up in front of thousands of people. I also cried at their studio performance. They do work so hard!

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Congrats to him! Mine had a tiny moment on stage by himself at his first recital, but he was excited as if it was an entire piece. It's so nice to see them enjoy the fruits of their labors!

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Yes - it is amazing how much work has gone into those first few solo seconds on stage. I had another great moment this week seeing pictures from his first pas de deux class - the look on their faces is priceless!

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