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Not permitted----Discussions regarding Weight

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Orignally posted by Alexandra:



Posted 12 May 2004 - 09:49 PM


I wanted to make this a "sticky" post so that we'll only have to answer this question once. We're sorry, because we know this is THE question that a lot of young dancers want answered, but we can't answer it on the internet.


Here's why.


Victoria Leigh:



Dancers, I'm not the health pro either, but I just don't think numbers can be dealt with here. There are so many variables in structure, like bones and muscles and length, etc., that one dancer at 110 may be quite fine and another at the same weight not fine at all for her height and structure. The problem is that we can't see you. None of us can see you. Therefore, we can't tell from here whether that works for you or not. It all comes down to what your body looks like when dancing.


Now if the numbers were definitely outrageous, like perhaps someone 5'1" and 150 pounds, or 5'7" and 90 pounds, that would be different. But when one is in the "normal range", it's just impossible to tell if that is right for you as a dancer or not without seeing you. Some people look perfectly fine and weigh more, while others who look heavy might actually show a lighter weight. It just depends on the bone and muscle structure.


I will leave the rest up to Babsaroo, our expert here, but I just wanted to head off at the pass this kind of question. It's not possible to answer.



Weight is such a touchy subject with ballet dancers. What Ms. Leigh wrote is true...many variables come into play in the normal range for weights. Muscles, bones, menses, time of day when weighed... all affect the weight.


It wouldn't be prudent to answer questions like this one.

In the future, we'll close topics with this as their subject.


(Originally posted at: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=19390)

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