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DD (13) is setting her class schedule for next dance school year. She is already registered for 4 technique classes (Mon-Thurs, 1.5 hours long each) and 2 pointe classes (Mon and Tues, 1 hour each following a technique class). She has room for at least one more class and is undecided which one to choose. She could possibly handle two, but I'd like to see how her school workload goes for the first month of school first.

A) Another technique class (one level lower) - would immediately follow one technique class (Wed), different teacher from other technique classes to give her a different perspective, lower level would allow her to refine technique
B) A variations class - same evening (Mon) as technique and pointe classes with one hour break in-between; this would be her first studio variation class beyond prior intensives experiences, which she really enjoyed; but it would be a long day
C) A modern class - would follow one technique class, with an hour break before (Thurs); let's her explore a different style for fun (she took a modern class this past school year and enjoyed it)




For parent taxi driving logisitics, I personally like Choice A and Choice C because the schedule is spaced out better.

DD is leaning towards Choice B or C for the fun/interesting factors.

I told her we should choose Choice C since it is on both our lists, but then she froze and told me she didn't want to choose between Choice B and C.

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DD is registered for all the classes recommended by the studio (on registration form and discussed at annual evaluation meeting). The extra classes were listed as optional additional classes on the registration form. But, it wasn't ranked iand I assumed each class held equal status. I'll have DD ask the studio director this week.

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