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Advice needed on moving from large ballet studio to small studio


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DD is thinking of moving from her current ballet studio to a smaller studio. She has been at her current studio for 8 years, and while happy there, she has not always had the easiest time of things due to the very competitive nature of the studio. They have amazing teachers, and she has made a lot of friends there. Her desire to try something new has more to do in experiencing something different than anything else. It'd be like going from a small fish in a big pond to a big fish in a small pond. Her current studio is part of the professional company, so opportunities to perform are limited to Nutcracker roles (kids roles) and small parts in the school performance (bigger roles to the paid apprentices who are considered a part of the school). She really hasn't had many opportunities to dance. At the smaller studio, the students do the entire nutcracker, and the school performance, while more like a recital than professional production, allows the kids a lot of opportunity to dance. DD enters high school next year, so is trying to decide if she should continue on current path, or try a new one. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Victoria Leigh

While the smaller school may have more variety and performance opportunities, how does the ballet training compare? She needs to realize that if she seriously wants to be a classical dancer, then the training is the most important thing, and if she takes a year to experiment, it could set her back technically. That, of course, would depend on the quality and quantity of training at the smaller school. There are some very fine small schools, and the one you are looking at could be one of them. But if not, then she might not be in the same place with her peers if she wanted to return to the other school. It really all depends on what she really wants to do as a dancer, or if she really wants to be a classical dancer. Perhaps she would like to do more jazz, contemporary, and modern and not focus totally on ballet.


What is she doing this summer? Is there an opportunity for her to experience a different kind of school for a brief time, instead of committing for a year?

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