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jane s

Problems logging in

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jane s



I am able to log in fine from my work PC but when I try to log in from my home PC (using the same login details) I get an error message saying I do not have permisson to view the site.


Please help!



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The exact same thing has been happening to me!

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dancein pictures

Hi, me too!



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Try checking if your browser allows cookies.

Also adding dancers.invisionzone.com to your trusted site list may help with this kind of thing.

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I am not very computer literate, but I thought I would share my problem and solution related to the above posts. When I originally signed up to the forum, I was able to login the first day only. After that I got a message similar to above on two home computers and my mobile phone when trying to login using my home wifi network. I finally noticed that I was fine logging in if I used my phone on mobile data instead of my home wifi network. My computer worked (and I could login to the forum) if I used my phone as a wifi hotspot for my computer to access the internet. I was also able to login elsewhere using other wifi networks on my phone. I deduced that my wifi/router was the source of the trouble. Not wanting to delve too far into why my router was blocking just this forum, I happily worked around it by visiting the forum while waiting for dd at ballet class and using the studio's wifi.


Recently, our old router quit working entirely, and we bought a new one. It took a few minutes to install and set up the new wifi network at home. Viola! I can now access the forum on my home computers! It is much easier to post using a keyboard instead of my phone. :)


So, if anyone else has a problem logging in, it could be a router issue (not that I know exactly why my router was causing the problems). I am sure there was a way to fix my old router, so I don't recommend buying a new one just for this issue. If you are computer savvy or know someone who is, this might be an avenue to explore.

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Victoria Leigh

Very interesting information, harbordancer. Thank you. :)

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