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Guest Szilagyi

Hi guys!


There is something that really annoys me and I haven't found yet the right cure against it:

There are days when I don't have to think about propper preparations, standing leg or parallel shoulders hips. I just start those turns and I can go for 5 or even 6 pirouettes (usually I stop them because I'm surprised and not because I need to stop). It doesn't matter if I'm dead tired or fresh, it simply works.

And then, usually after one day of rest, I have a hard time even doing propperly 2 turns!

Of course I get irritated thinking back about how it was two days ago and this makes it only worse...

Do you know this? How can you prevent it? Or is it something you need to accept like bug bites in summer confused.gif

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Sounds to me as though you've collided head-on with the concept, "don't think -- just do!" wink.gif

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Have the same problem from time to time! I can do 4 on good days, but sometimes, i cant do anything! i have noticed that the harder I try, the more bad it goes. I trynot to think about the turn, rather think about turnout or head or a nice girl or anything, and the turn just comes! biggrin.gif

good luck!

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Now that you get the turning part, and are on your way to doing multiples readily, be ready for the corrections! "Don't drop your turnout on the supporting foot as you start!" "Turn out that leg in retiré!" <sigh> It never ends! wink.gif

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