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Dancing boy wants to try sports


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This is only somewhat related, but I do know two boys who ended up getting injured (not because of extreme sports, just life as active kids) before they could audition for their top choice SIs, and one parent suggested that its a good idea to make an audition video JUST IN CASE right before audition season starts. I have discussed with a few boy parents and we are considering doing it next year as a small group-- make a list of the required elements for various auditions, then renting a studio for a few hours and making it together. I think it would actually be fun for the boys anyway. And then we can relax a little and let them enjoy life (within reason, anyway).

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That sounds like a great idea!

It's fun to do it together, of course, and practical! (even if I'm not anticipating injury)

I just never thought about making the video with others.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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I have my godson 7 in dance which now is 2 45 min classes a week and 2 40 min karate classes a week so right now pretty evenly balanced, in the summer i have him participate in the dance camp for the younger kids and swimming lessons, his parents and I feel this is a good balance of activities, which still leaves him time for birthday parties, trampoline parks and time for camping. My godson and I have started talking about what we will do when he is 9 and dance will be 2 week days after school and Saturday, at that point karate wont really be possible, he tells me that it is ok to sometimes miss karate but that its never ok to miss dance lol 

So we will just see how things develop, he is still far to young to be worrying about a career in dance or as a policeman/fireman or chief like his dad lol 


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Godfather, that sounds like a great balance of activities.  There's no advantage to focusing just on ballet at his age, especially since other sports can help build strength and coordination, too!

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When my son was 11 and in 6th grade he decided to try football. His dance teacher and I both held our breath that he wouldn't get hurt since he was on the competition team. We did make sure to get her permission for him to try it before he did. And like Huckleberrydawg stated, he tried it, hated it and attacked dance with even more Vigor after that.

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That's awesome Jennifer

My godson and I were talking while I was driving him home and from his SRB exams and he was telling me how when he hears music he just has to start to dance to it.  He is starting to loose interest in karate, I didn't think that would happen for a couple of years yet.  We are taking the summer off karate, and dance has ended for the summer, but he is already asking when his next dance is.   I remind him he will be going to dance camp in August. He can't wait, so for now we will be going to swimming lessons, and doing some camping this summer.

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