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Weighing cost/benefits of Residential programs

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It is always good to bring those type threads up for updated discussion, rather than starting from scratch. Somethings may be dated, but the wisdom that goes along with the dated facts is often timeless. :wink:

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I agree that some of the information on the individual programs might be dated. But having looked through a good number of those threads recently, the wisdom in them about "weighing the cost/benefits" of residencies is not. It is pretty spot on, the things to look for, ponder, figure out when trying to make that decision hasn't changed one iota.

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I agree that some of the information on the individual programs might be dated, but that's not the forum I sent you to. Having looked through a good number of those discussions before coming to this one to post that, I found that the wisdom presented about the questions to ponder, problems to look for, issues with attendance, lessons learned while "weighing the cost/benefits of residency" are as good today as they were then. You're missing out on some good questions to ponder if you assume that the issues brought up in them aren't valid when considering residencies today.


Now if the the information you're looking for is only about schooling, then let me change the title of this thread. That information might be dated with the current availability of online schooling. But if you're discussing in totality "weighing the cost/benefits" of residencies, then I'd still encourage the questions/answers brought up in many of those threads specifically with our members like: dancemaven, vagansmom, balletbooster, etc. Whose children were in residencies but who also were willing to share in detail the journeys of their children within them, both good and bad to help those of us who were considering it at the time.

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We were in the unusual situation that for us vocational school (what you call pre-pro) worked out better for us financially.


Dd was already in a fee paying academically selective school plus we were paying for all her dance classes at a local dance school but the most that could be offered locally were 2 x45 min ballet classes per week plus tap, jazz & contemporary (what you call modern)


With the bursary she has now we pay less. The school day starts at 9am sometimes with a ballet class sometimes with an academic class. Then it's academics through til 4pm & dance 4-6 each evening plus Saturday mornings. Dd does live close enough to hen travel home but the boarders then go back to the boarding house & do homework for an hour before having he evenings free.


Our government pay the fees of some ofvthe students, others are on scholarships that covers some of the cost.

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