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Adult Ballet Classes - London, UK


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oh my goodness I'm drooling with jealousy!


I'm a bit sad to hear about Roland's class though. Maybe it is because it's in-between terms and stuff. I usually had a grand time there. Then again, that was a long time ago…..


And yes, if you can find the right people at Freed - dang diggity dog! I miss have good dance stores near me. I know you have one!!! (jealous!)

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c_mare: the funny thing about the lack of feedback is that I could sometimes see the teachers' reactions to other dancers' successes/failures on their faces... and yet they kept quiet. At home and in other cities, like New York, at least some of those thoughts would have been communicated. That's why I thought of it as an interesting cultural difference.


ami: Roland's class was totally fine, just not my favourite. I would give it another try if I were back in London -- I was pretty tired that day, so who knows what I'd think on a normal day; and I imagine the population of the class is... not quite so young... on any other week of the year! I will say that I recall the petit allegro being the highlight... Right up your alley :wink:

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I love this forum!

I had a trip to London planned for quite some time, my mum was going to come with me - but she got ill this week. So there I was, all alone in London (I'm following a course for work, so it wasn't an option to go another time, together). After reading this thread I went to Renato Paroni's class at Central School of Ballet as well as Roland Price's class at Pineapple. I had a great time.


Mr. Paroni only corrected the only professional in the class, Mr. Price didn't really correct anyone. I thought that was too bad, I love learning from different teachers, but if they don't say anything except the excercices, it's hard.

But the style of their exercices was quite different to what I'm used to, so it was very interesting. I pick up exercices quite easily, but I got lost several times duuring both classes!


So I just wanted to thank you all for sharing this information - my solo trip to London wouldn't have been as much fun without you guys!

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