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Auditions: Student Dance Resume/CV


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Could someone kindly point us in the right direction for locating samples of ballet resumes/cv or resources for students? We read the sticky on the Career General Discussion board, but we couldn't find much for students applying to colleges or trainee/apprenticeships. Maybe we just missed that info? We will keep poking around Eric Wolfram's site, but if anyone has any other suggestions, we would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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My DD just had a talk about this in her SI (modern based with some ballet.) This is what the instructors/company administration said:


Should be 1 page but no less than 10pt font. (Perhaps more than one page for VERY experienced older dancers.)

Heading consists of - Name, address, phone, email (should be a simple/formal email without fun dance terms, etc.), maybe date of birth and/or height depending on the company/position.

In the body -

Performance (career highlights, recent recitals/performances) This should be in a 3 column format (show, role, choreographer or location) year is not necessary.

Dance Training in chronological order starting with most recent. No 3 column format here. List all relevant schools you danced with. List name of school, the AD and any main teachers, styles of dance, scholarships. For young dancers (high school or younger) list how long you have been doing different styles of dance. Older than high school do not need this. Also include any SIs in this section. This might be first if you have just finished the SI.

Awards only if necessary. They really don't matter. Only list really important/significant awards. You can also include convention scholarships here.

Education - current academic education. List current school. If you're in college list your major. Include your GPA if it is good otherwise just the school. (Note arts schools should be listed under both training and education.)

Special Skills which is anything not related to dance. This can be acting, singing, juggling, foreign languages, certifications (yoga, pilates, etc.)


Headshot - standard sized (similar size as resume), staple to back of resume on all 4 corners


DO NOT : lie, use white out, use colored ink or paper, fold resume (use a large envelope), write in paragraph form (ok to use bullets), provide references (unless they are asked for)

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Should the headshot always be 8 x 10 and stapled to the back of the resume? What about the dance photo, if one is asked for?

This is all so new and confusing to me :wacko:

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Are the academic details such as GPA (apart from informing where an individual is at in terms of high school graduation) relevant for company/2nd Company/trainee auditions? Is that a factor a company takes into consideration, or is it more for college programs? Also, while not referenced above, DD is also avoiding mention of a fall college offer - we're not sure if that might make an applicant look more on the hedge about what path they really want to follow, even though it might throw a positive light on their academic accomplishments.

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Q: "Are the academic details such as GPA (apart from informing where an individual is at in terms of high school graduation) relevant for company/2nd Company/trainee auditions?"

A: As the person who reads incoming CVs/resumes before our AD does, I can tell you that putting your GPA down does not matter if you are auditioning for a professional company post high school If you are auditioning for a company as a college graduate or college senior who will soon graduate, you should put the dance degree earned (and if you are a double major you can specify that -- though that is not necessary unless you wish.)

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I wonder if you have any other insider information - anything in particular that makes you cringe or smile (or at least get through the reading without a headache)? My husband reads resumes in the corporate world, now and again, but as others have said, there seems to be a peculiar set of standards and expectations in the dance world.

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No real secrets, except put your best effort into everything you send to a company you want to audition for -- be it the resume, headshot or video link. But honestly, unless you're completely illiterate (and even that might not rule you out) if we are impressed with your performance reel video/video link, we will likely invite you to audition. What you show on the dance floor is more important than what you write on your resume. That -- and all the many intangibles the ballet master and AD consider when deciding if you are a good fit for the company -- determines if you are hired.


Looking ahead, after audition, I personally love a well written dance resume as it makes it much easier to write a decent bio for you -- but that really doesn't matter, because if you get to the point where I am writing your bio for our website and future programs, you already did things right.

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Looking for further verification of size of photograph needed. Is 8x10 staples to back of resume truly the standard? Also, if dancer has had some press or interview of some value, it there a standard way to include on resume, perhaps listing links or publications?

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Does anyone have a non PDF 3 column artistic resume template for college ballet programs that you are willing to share?  I've found PDF versions online, but not having much luck finding one that can be edited.  TIA!

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do you have an example?  
And I'm not sure that a 3 column format is necessary...  I'm happy to share my dd's if you want to PM me. 
Getting the important info down in an easily digestible (quick to read) format is what's important. 

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I'm in the same boat as @ballettalkgrm. I have scoured this forum and pretty much all of bt4d and the web in general looking for easy to use guidance or examples on how a dancer's resume should look for college applications and mostly get pointed to a book that doesn't show examples and is geared more towards professionals.  That will be good for later refinement of the resume once we have a starting point and time to refine, but right now my DD has very little time to complete a college worthy resume and I don't even really know where to begin. So I just want a quick template to begin from for college resumes. I did find one reply somewhere that gave some good advice in text form, if not formatting form (although I cant find it again).

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dance._.dad, my dancer is using a sample resume from USC Kaufman's School of Dance's site as the template for her college applications - it seems pretty streamlined and sticks to a one page snapshot format - if you do a google search it will have the sample as a hyperlink about midway down on their page from a  post they put up in mid September of this year. No idea if that's the best format, but it's what she's going with - so hopefully it works as template


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@Beehive - is it the Tommy Trojan PDF file? I can work with that.  Stylistically is very similar to the resume I have used for years (just not for dance). But I think I can work with this.  I can have her lose the Objective and Hip Hop Culture Battle to save room and if she has room left at the end she can use other activities for Musicals. Thanks!

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