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Auditions: Student Dance Resume/CV


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Yes - that is the one I'm referring to - simple but it really gets the job done for the snapshot template in my opinion! Just a guideline but it made it easy for my dancer to think of how best to organize her info

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Yes, I like this format. She can quickly take the info from her combined resume put it into this format and expand the areas that need to be expanded.  The only thing I may suggest to her to do differently is to use the format Role, ballet, (choreographer/stager), company/group performed with, (year). 

for example:

Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker (John D Choreographer), Local Metro Ballet Company, (December 2020)

rather than:

The Nutcracker, Local Metro Ballet Company, December 2020, (Sugar Plum Fairy)

That way the role is the first thing they read.

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