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My DD is 13 and beginning her 8th grade year. We have approached her school, which is a catholic school, with opting out of PE class. What are some successful tools or strategies that any of you have used to pull this off? I am waiting to hear back from the principal and PE teacher. We are willing to log dance hours, have studio provide summary of progress. But is there anything else that I can approach her school with to plead her case. We talked about over use of muscles, training specific muscles to not bulk up, etc. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Why do you want her to opt out? I found PE at my DD's school to be a very healthy complement to her ballet training, both physically and mentally, throughout elementary and junior high.


Edited to say that I don't know your particular situation, of course, but just wanted to put out there that PE at school doesn't have to be contrary to ballet training. My DD won't be doing the sports program in high school (private school) because of the time conflict (it meets after school). So for HS she will be opting out and letting ballet take the place of PE. But she is already thinking about how she'll need to supplement her ballet classes with some other forms of conditioning for endurance, etc. Having PE at school up until now has helped with her overall fitness, actually.

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balletsky, PLEASE do a Search in both the Parent Forums and Cross Talk. You'd be surprised how many threads come up. For a start, try "PE class", "Physical Education", "Gym Class" as easy search terms.


This topic comes up literally EVERY year. There are MANY good threads with a plethora of suggestions, recommendations, approaches, etc. No need to keep re-inventing the wheel each year when a simple search could bring up threads to peruse, refresh, and add new suggestions, information, approaches, etc.

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