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Looking for information and feedback on the upper levels of MYB (year round). I was able to find a thread on the summer program, but not year round.


If I missed a current thread, please direct me. :)



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I was wondering what the age range is in the upper levels (E and F I think). How large are the classes? Who usually teaches these levels? Do the teachers vary by day or is there one main instructor that they have more often than the others? Do most also take the morning open classes?


I noticed that there are 2 dedicated pointe classes a week for level F. Am I correct in presuming they would also wear pointe shoes in other classes as well?


Where have dancers gone afterwards in recent years?

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MelissaGA levels E & F are the two top levels out of 5. The age range Level E 13-19 & for Level F 14-18 but there have been students in their 20's in that level. Levels are capped at 22 some drop out throughout the year injury etc. No there is no main teacher for each level. level E has 8 different teachers!! Basically a different teacher for each class..... Level F has about same teachers. Almost none of the students take open class in the morning. No they only where pointe shoes for the pointe classes. In the last several years none of the graduates have joined companies. Most if not all probably go on to college. MYB has no students dancing in professional companies recently. The only former students who are in companies are from many years ago when it was Studio Maestro & under the direction of Francois Perron, who has since left & begun his own school FAB. There is a change in teachers this year again but not sure who is teaching which levels. Younger levels don't have as many different teachers.

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Last year's graduating class has trainees now at Austin, Pennsylvania, and several at Washington Ballet. One student is going to the Ailey/Fordham program. Several were admitted to NC School of the Arts but didn't go.


One of the things we like about MYB is that they will work with the kids towards *the kids'* goals. If your child wants to go to college, that's okay. If your child wants to move to a company school, that's okay (several in recent years have moved on to ABT).


Level F last year had about 15-18 kids in the class, with an age range of 15-19. The teachers vary by day, but are consistent week to week, and the team communicates closely with each other. Teachers include Daniel Ulbricht, Marina Stavitskaya, and Debbie Wingert. There are two progress conferences a year, to help parents and students assess how things are going and what needs work (these are actually frank discussions, not just a checklist and level placement). It's a serious but not neurotic environment; the school works pretty hard to keep cattiness at bay, and the teachers provide ample corrections with a minimum of favoritism.

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Thanks to you both.


Momo5, do those in level F wear pointe shoes daily and not just in those 2 dedicated pointe classes? And are there students in level F who attend the morning open class with Debbie Wingert as well?

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I believe Debbie isn't going to be teaching the open classes in the a.m.


Generally the students in F wear flats for barre, pointe for center.


Also, there are two performance opportunities during the year (other than the end-of-year show): the Knickerbocker Suite (8 performances, a witty NYC-themed Nutcracker) and a Spring Workshop. The upper level students usually perform several roles in each. Last year my daughter had four separate parts for Knickerbocker, and was in four pieces in Spring (one classical, one Balanchine, one character, and contemporary).


Forgot to mention in my previous list that another of last year's grads is going to the dance program at Indiana University next year.

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I believe Debbie isn't going to be teaching the open classes in the a.m.


The website currently indicates they will start again after Sept 30. I guess time will tell.


I noticed Brian Reeder's name mentioned as a partnering instructor during the SI. Is he teaching there during the year as well?

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My guess is he'll be back. He's choreographed many pieces for MYB -- and he's a fabulous choreographer. Vinny Rodino has also taught partnering, and he's a superb teacher.

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One other plus to mention: aside from Daniel Ulbricht's teaching (and he's one of THE most encouraging, energetic human beings on the planet), there are City Ballet principals who guest teach with some regularity. I would guess there's someone once a month or six weeks. Last year my daughter had Amar Ramasar, Wendy Whelan, Robby Fairchild, plus one of the Delgado sisters (Miami). It was pretty amazing.

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Dd finally made it to MYB to try a class and will be joining level F.


Another question.. and I'm sure I will have more over time. :) With so many performances of the Knickerbocker Suite, are there multiple casts or do those in level F at least generally do the same parts for each performance?

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Looking for current reviews and opinions of the MYB year around program. All information is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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