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I'm curious what kids did for High School if in the Pre-Pro program in the later levels? Virtual? Private School? Public? MelissaGA - hope you chime in.

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MYB classes are in the later afternoon/evening. Students can attend school during typical school hours, though I am sure people are doing a variety of things for academics, the ballet training shouldn't get in the way of a more traditional high school experience. They post a "sample schedule" on their website, which you can see-- it shows all the levels. 

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The higher two level dancers did a full range of schooling possibilities when dd attended. Some were at PCS, some at the two public performing arts high schools in Manhattan, some virtual school,  some online school.   

The usual rehearsal schedules are not on line but participation in those performances is optional except the end of the year performance. Those rehearsals varied with casting and could include weekends and weeknights.

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PCS = Professional Children's School. 40k per year - as i go "Gulp". 

I know about the "Fame" high school and just googled and learned about the "M408 Professional Performing Arts High School". Also, just read about "Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts".  I know about Frank Sinatri HS on Garden City.

What else am I missing?

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I was thinking of LaGuardia (aka the Fame school) and PPAS which is that M408 school. When my daughter attended, there were students at both of those and PCS. PCS is a very short walk from the MMAC. Definitely high price tag but don’t forget that private schools often have scholarship money and financial aid.  Private schools of any sort in Manhattan are pricey in general! 

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@DanceDaddy So many kids switch to MYB once they’re let go of from other schools. By that age, they are usually teens in high school. The schedule is great and probably not as conflicting with academics as elsewhere. We are definitely looking into it as DD wants a “normal” high school experience. I spoke with staff at MYB & they are also very accommodating, especially during these times, so I wouldn’t be concerned about the schedule. Besides LaGuardia, PPAS, Frank Sinatra, & PCS, I don’t think the other arts high schools are worth looking into (lacking in quality of arts programming and/or academics). Feel free to PM me.

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