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White Tights


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We were requested to get white tights for our older boys who will be doing some ballet solos shortly. They are 6 (average size) and 7 (tall). So reading around I read a couple of places that they should wear dance belts underneath so I got some 8/10 Wear Moi dance belts in addition to the white tights and they fit both boys. The studio hasn't mentioned anything about what to put under these white tights and I haven't been game ask, I figured either that they expect them to wear nothing underneath (revealing no?) or a dance belt but would they expect me to know that?

Anyway, so I have the tights and I have the dance belts but I just have to ask -- do other boys of this age wear them? If not, what are they wearing under white tights? I feel kind of wrong having 6 and 7 years olds put on g-string backs even though I know it has a purpose (I figured full seated wouldn't work under white tights). But I also know there will be no choice at some stage and it may be easier to just say "this is what boys and men wear under tights" and leave it as non-negotiable from the first time so there is never an uncomfortable transition later although it will happen with class at some point (they wear full seated leotards and bike shorts in class at this point, that will switch to non-footed tights soon but the full seated leotard will stay for some time and is probably supportive enough for now - or should they be made to wear them in class too?). But I also don't want to put them in a dance belt and have the studio think we're weird for putting one on boys of this age. Opinions?

They will be wearing a ballet shirt/cummerbund deal with the tights so they will not be covered 'down there' in case that is relevant to responses.

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Yes dance belt, yes professional dancebelt (seatless). It's a shame to put such little ones in white however your studio and teacher obviously have a vision and I am sure it will be extraordinary. Dancebelts are as important as a bra on a young girl and the sooner they get used to wearing one the better.

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My son has always just worn a dance belt under his white tights. When he was younger he wore the full seated dance belts and I always thought it looked a bit strange because you could see the outline of a full seated dance belt worse in white tights. Once he switched to the "g-string" dance belt that problem went away.


He thought the "g-sting" dance belt felt weird for about 30 seconds - once he actually danced in it, he couldn't get rid of the full seated dance belts fast enough (actually he started wearing the Wear Moi leo with the built in thong dance belt).


I think for some reason I also thought I had to gradually work my son "up" to a "normal" dance belt from regular underwear so I started with full seated. Honestly, regardless of my son's age I think he would have had the same 30 second discomfort with the thong dance belt but then would have had the same immediate adjustment to it - and I wouldn't have had to watch a performance or two where I winced at the fact that you could see the outline of his full seated dance belt!!


His only complaint now that he is at a full day pre-pro school is that he can't wait to get out of his dance clothes at the end of his day because (in his words) "I've had a dance belt up my butt for 8 hours and I'm a little raw." I'm sure he loves that I shared that. ; )

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers TurtleTamer! We are so glad you found us. Please take the time to surf around this forum, there is a wealth of knowledge on this site!!


I would discuss the full seat vs. thong with the AD. I personally feet that 6 & 7 are a little young to have to perform in white tights, let along a "real" dancebelt.


It terms of what gents wear: skin, dancebelt, & tights.

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Mine started ballet at 7 and a dance belt at 8. We had to have one made because he was so tiny. Now they actually manufacture boys sizes which is great. I think the sooner they are used to them the better. (Although my oldest didn't start ballet til 11 and started wearing one at that point) I think it only becomes and issue if others make it so. Just sort of matter of fact like a athletic cup, pads for football, helmets, etc. Just routine.

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Mom of 16 year old dancer boy. We went through the transition of full seat vs thong style dance belts. He wore the full seat ones until after he came back from his first summer intensive at age 14. It was then his favorite guy dance teacher of the intensive pulled me aside and said "He's a big boy now mom, he needs a regular dance belt and not these little boy full seaters". :blushing: His teacher at home is a woman and leaves it up to the boys what kind of dance belt they are most comfortable in.


Tricks of the trade about tights and dance belts for first time moms of dancer boys:

1. Only buy nude colored dance belts. They go best with everything and you don't want your scatterbrained child coming out on stage with his black

dance belt on underneath his white tights. This actually happened to my kids' dance teacher student during a performance. Everyone was

mortified but the boy was oblivious. White dance belts show up to easily under white tights, especially the full seaters.

2. White tights, no matter how thick you think they are, have a tendency to be transparent under stage lights. It is always a good idea to double up

and wear two pairs at once. You can wear black tights under white ones in a pinch if you have a serious quick change but it depends on how

thick the white ones are to begin with.

3. When wearing the thong style dance belts, you should buy tights at least a size bigger than your son normally wears. If you don't, they get the

"monobutt" look despite wearing a thong. Apparently it is very important how the tights lie within the "vertical smile" for proper fit. :blink:

4. If your son starts out in a full seater and then switches to the thong style, expect uproar among their girl dance classmates. First time DS strolled

into class in a thong dance belt you would have thought he came in full clown wear to a funeral. :secret:They all got over it after the first couple of

days, but started all over again when he would switch to lighter colored tights like gray or white. Girls can switch leo color and nobody says

anything but when you are the only boy it causes quite a stir...

5. And lastly, no matter what style of dance belt you buy, make sure you teach your boys to pull their tights up snuggly and help them stay that way

with either suspenders or folded down over a belt. There is nothing worse than droopy, saggy tights.

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Mother of 15yo DS here- once you have all this good advice under your belt (no pun intended) it is also super important that someone shows your young men exactly how to arrange themselves within the belt :whistling: . Doing this incorrectly leads to all sorts of difficulties and discomfort is my understanding! There are better descriptions on this but I have gleaned that a certain 'scooping' action is required so that everything (and I mean everything) points north. DS has just piped up here 'scoop it up as high as it will go and keep it central'. If your DSs arent getting a male voice in their ear about all this- it will fall to you (another job of the mother of dancing sons).

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Looks like the dance belts are the norm so they'll just have to deal with it. They'll accept it as necessary if I tell them it is what boys and men wear, especially doing it now when it is their first time in tights. They both told me they were a bit uncomfortable when they tried them on (for all of a minute to check sizing) but I'm sure they'll get used to them, I just hope the younger one doesn't start pulling at it when he's on stage... I'm reluctant to make them wear them at the studio yet but maybe I can have them put them on when they practise at home to get used to the feeling of dancing in them. I bought skin colour and told them how to 'arrange themselves' -- the benefit of being young is that they don't care that I told them that. My husband has been working away or I may have had him give the instructions.

The reason for white is because our studio has white shoes and they wanted them to match. I could buy other shoes but the studio asked for white to match their shoes so that is what I got. I'll be sewing on some skin coloured elastic for suspenders to keep them hitched appropriately.

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Wide white elastic works well too. I would criss cross at the back unless you can see it through whatever top they are wearing. Yes, forgot about the "scoop north" bit but luckily I wasn't the one to have that conversation with him.

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I'm a single mom and my son and I got through the 'scoop-and-swoop' conversation with much hilarity. He was anxious to wear "what real dancers wore", so the dance belt wasn't a difficult transition.


Definitely check the white tights for transparency. One of the young men playing our Nutcracker Prince last year inadvertently showed off a great deal more of himself than he intended when he only wore one pair.


If your studio requires white shoes to blend, you might also suggest black footless tights with white ballet socks. Or even grey tights with white socks. White tights are just so difficult to manage for a standard uniform.

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They don't wear white tights regularly, this is for performance.

They wear navy blue bike shorts or footless tights with white socks for class.

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DS8 started ballet last year at 7 years old. After two months, it was very obvious he needed some type of support and coverage down there that underwear could not provide. At first when he saw if he was skeptical about it ( thong-back), but he says he feels like and looks like a real professional dancer now. :)

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I needn't have worried. I had them put them on while practising at home today to get used to the feeling for when they wear the tights without having to wear them to the studio. Surprisingly they both asked to wear them to their lesson. Not only that, afterwards they both said that whilst the back was a bit uncomfortable, the front was much more comfortable than dancing without one and both want to wear them for dancing all the time from now on. Totally unexpected but there you have it.

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