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tricky situation...

Guest sylphide*4ever

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Guest sylphide*4ever

I turned 13 last week and I've been doing pointe work for one year. This year for our summer concerts, the upper levels are putting on Paquita. I auditioned for one of the variations and I got the part. This is pretty surprising because I'm one of the youngest girls in the whole production. Recently, I accidentally overheard these two girls talking about how young and inexperienced I was to dance a variation. One of the girls asked me if I would give the variation to her.


What should I do? If I told my teacher about it, wouldn't that sort of be backstabbing? I tried to explain to the girl how I can't control who's dancing the different parts because I'm not the person staging it. What's something intelligent I can do? :D

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Hi, Sylphide4ever!:D And welcome to the Young Dancers' forum at Ballet Talk, here on Ballet Alert! Online!:D


There is a simple expedient here: Say nothing!


That "conversation" probably involved a good deal of planning, so that you would be "accidentally" able to hear it. The whole purpose of it is to demoralize you. You don't have to tell anyone you've heard backstage gossip questioning your age and experience, which in a student production should be immaterial and irrelevant! Since you've already expressed your view to one of the "dirty fighters", stick to what you've said. It wasn't your choice, it was the director's. That's all that needs to be said. "How dare you try for such a part" is utterly laughable! How are you ever to GET experience if you don't dance? It's a variation on the old vicious circle - "You have to have experience to get a job. In order to get experience, you have to have a job!" So what's so wrong about breaking into the circle? It's beyond me!: ;)

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