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Has anyone ever attended this dance convention?

It seemed interesting - especially with Dwight Rhoden and Misty Copeland on their faculty.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Hmmm. New to the West Coast. Lots of familiar faces on the faculty list. Could be fun but a little intimidating for the ballerinas to be in front of Misty?

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It will be like every other convention/competition in that its held at a big hotel, a ton of kids in a large carpeted conference/ball room learning a routine from a master teacher who teaches from the stage. I think, if your close, and have the time and money to spend, it could be fun but other than that... Not so much.

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DD attended ASH last year. It is very much like what Lady Elle described. Literally hundreds of students in each carpeted room learning from a teacher. If you do decide to go, be sure to call them ahead of time and ask what faculty are scheduled to be in each city! I believe Misty was only at one or two venues last year. DD won a full scholarship to attend this year, but I don't think we will be going back. These competition/conventions all seem to be pretty much the same, and they can get very expensive for relatively little educational benefit. Very few, if any, corrections are given in the classes and the room is so packed that it is difficult to dance without running into someone! Students also have the option to perform a solo for feedback from a panel of judges. DD did perform a solo, and when we received the flashdrive there were literally no useful comments. They said things like "Wow", "You own that stage", "Get it, girl" etc.

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