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Home studio on top of carpet


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Interested in giving my daughter a practice floor in her room with dimensions approx 4' x 8'. Her room is carpeted on top of wood on the second floor of the house so there is already decent spring but not sure it is enough. I'm pretty handy so building the needed floor is not an issue. But what is the best construction? Sprung floor with EVA foam, just plywood with Marley on top, etc?? As long as the floor doesn't slide around, can I get away with a plywood\Marley setup?




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Hopefully your DD wants this more than mine did. Her room is 12 x 12. I put in a floor to ceiling mirror that covered most of one wall and bought a portable barre to go in front if it. Barre was used to hang clothes on and mirror used to check out makeup and outfits. A lot of money spent that could have found a better use...

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We set this up for my daughter in her room and it was pretty simple. Her room is on the second floor and there is no carpet, only hard wood, so we just laid marley over the wood. We bought two barre brackets and then a large diameter dowel (2 inches?)/wood rod from a home improvement store and cut it to fit. The brackets were under $30 and the wooden pole/rod was quite inexpensive too. I priced one piece mirrors, and found them quite pricey, so again we improvised... and mounted two 4x8 mirrors (stacked). There is a seam, but it is not a problem. It is a relatively small space, so she only uses it for barre and it is plenty big for that. There is no serious jumping etc that goes on, so I didn't worry about a different flooring... the wood floor itself gives plenty.
I would worry about the marley-covered-plywood just laying on the carpet... can you screw it in somehow so it won't move?

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