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Hi there,


I have been looking at the alphabetical list of pre-pro schools on this board. Obviously, the better-known, biggest and/or prestigious are listed. I was wondering if this list is considered by most to be exhaustive of the schools that would be considered valid pre-pros. A few schools in my region (not in my community, but within 1 1/2 hour) I think consider themselves pre-pro (and certainly are not Dolly Dinkle) although most of the students in them would probably consider themselves dedicated recreational students (some do go to respected SIs and a rare few to professional careers.) These schools are not on this forum's list. Does this mean they cannot be considered good-quality schools or that they are simply not on the list? My daughter (11.5) is not at this time aspiring to be a professional but she and I both want her to get good-quality, safe training as a serious amateur or possibly college-bound dancer one day. Can other schools and their websites be added to the list, or is this prohibited/discouraged? Finding good ballet schools is tough for those of us far from urban centers. All the schools on your list are at least two hours away from where we live.


Thank you!

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Many schools have been added to our Pre-pro list. I do not think there are restrictions on this forum.

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Artsmom, the schools listed in that particular Forum tend to be the more well-known schools and the residential schools. It is by no means an exhaustive list of schools providing good or excellent training. However, the interst in these schools tend to be a bit broader than the majority of the general local pre-pro.


That being said, it would become unwieldy to include every pre-pro school in the country in that Forum.


However, we do have another Forum that helps identify local schools around the country: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=155


That Forum is also arranged alphabetically, starting with country or State, then by city or local area. Members ask for suggestions and those with experience in the locale offer information and first-hand experiences with the schools in the area. It is a very helpful Forum and our members are generous with their experience and information.

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