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How far do you travel to class?


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My school is also only about a 20 minute walk away :)

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It takes me 20-30 minutes to get to class, depending on traffic!

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I am very lucky--both studios that I have taken class at are about 15 minutes away from me. (That's a combination of walking and public transportation.) I do live in a fairly large city with a number of options.


However, if I lived in a more isolated area, I would be willing to travel quite a bit depending on much I loved the classes or location. It's all about a trade off. I have to get at least a certain amount of enjoyment out of the class that balances with the non-enjoyment of the commute. :)

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We all must really love ballet--especially for some of these lengthy commutes. :speechless:

In Texas I have a 10-15 minute drive one way, but if I want to walk and take a train it takes about 30 minutes to get there.

In Chicago I don't have a car and split my classes between three or four places. Two organizations offer class on or near campus (btw the University Ballet of Chicago offers free classes at the University of Chicago that you can attend even if you aren't a student of the university), which is about a 5 minute walk away. But I also take classes at two other places that take about 45-60 minutes one way via public transit, plus extra time to get there early just in case a bus or train is running late. Because of the travel time for these other two I have to really need to take a class that day or have a lot of free time--which just doesn't happen with my dissertation, teaching, and frequent travel back home.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Texas is a BIG place. I travel 45 minutes one way to take class in Dallas and I am not really happy with the classes offered but there is NOTHING at all in my location so .... Dallas it is. With Texas weather, there are many times I cannot get to those classes anyway. :nixweiss:

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I take class at 2 places, which I realize I am quite fortunate to do because I live in a rural/small town area. I travel 40 minutes 1 way 2x a week, and 20 minutes 1 way once a week. Going to class takes up a lot of time in my week, but I love it.

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Pas de Quoi: I'm wondering where you go in Dallas, though there is no need to reveal here if you don't feel so compelled. It's my home base. I love the place that I go to, but I'm also nowhere near as experienced as you are so even if we go to the same place your experience might be quite different from mine. I assume that as a teacher you are more "in the know" than I am, but I've tried a couple of different places in Dallas proper and the wider metroplex and might have some suggestions if you need them--especially for particular teachers and their various styles.

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I'm in europe and take class at 3 differents places with 4 teachers. One of those teacher I don't like as much (especially the end of the year choreo, far too fast and too hard for half of our adult class) but the fast pace help me gain stamina I can now finish her class withiut going too bed 10min after! Each location is in a different place and different distance but are at around the same driving time. I drive around 15min when going (takes around 2-10min too find a parking spot but public transport are not good around my house and it would take me 45min, just as much as if I had walk), the return is much faster (7-12min withiut parking time !). We are lucky to have good adult class at 3 differents place but for children only one school offer mire than one class a week and of good quality (but unfortunately their adult classes albeit good are morning only).

For those who drive more than 20min I'm really impressed we only do that for extra rehearsal when a teacher teach somewhere else before. People are already telling me I'm crazy to go to so many places and some told me that 15min it's too long. I admit, I will not drive more than 20-25min one way everyday but for a masterclass I can for up to 1h.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hi txstudent: I will describe where I used to take class, in my former location. One studio is a well respected pre-pro and the adult classes are taught by the regular school faculty, including the artistic director. There is a 90 minute int/adv adult class every morning (including Sunday) and also dance conditioning and yoga for dancers, as well as jazz and modern. Another studio is a dedicated adult "drop in" studio. At this studio, there are at least 5 adult ballet classes each day (again including Sunday) ranging in level from absolute beginner to advanced/professional. There are three levels of pointe (pre-pointe/beginner pointe, intermediate pointe and pointe variations) plus pas de deux, Piilates and floor barre. The studio offers adult summer intensives and several workshops during the rest of the year. A third studio has adult advanced/professional ballet 4 mornings a week, with a pianist, taught by a former Bolshoi dancer. Traveling a bit, there are many more choices of studios offering similar programs.


According to the guidelines here on Ballet Talk, one can send and receive private messages after logging in 20 approved posts. When you reach that number, please send me a message, as I would very much like to chat with you about specific studios. :)

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Goodness those adult programs sound impressive!


Off topic, but it looks like PM privileges require 30 posts and without being the parent of a dancer it is a little hard to get there quickly without resurrecting old threads so it could be a while. :nixweiss:

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leopard dancer

It generally takes me about  a 20 to 30 minute drive to any of the studios I have taken ballet classes. They are in neighboring towns. I always want to add more classes also, but I  would have to go to other towns to do so. It is a good thing I live a densely populated area where the next town is driving down the road literally. 

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I can travel up to an hour and a half for a good class, or just 5 minutes for a so-so one.  I tend to go to the further class.

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2 studios-  15-17 min drive from home or 5 min from my office :) 

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