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Readiness for the Non-dance Part of Residency?


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My daughter has not participated in a residential program, but we were heavily involved in a studio that has one and it was eye opening. I won't go into the academic or training topics.....I really saw more of the social side of this situation.


Here's what I saw/learned from that program:


1. Don't go in with the expectation that your daughter will be hanging out with other 14-year-olds. In some places, it's a mixed bag, age wise, and the kids end up very close to each other. So you might have a 19 year old, and a 14 year old who connect really tightly as friends. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just something to think about.


2. No matter how driven, teenagers are still teenagers. They make good and bad choices along the way, have off days, have lazy days, have days where they seem to have it all together (usually followed promptly by days where they can't find their own behind without a map and a flashlight...lol). They're kids. All of the things that kids this age will try in high school? They will still try them. Only you know if your DD is prone to this kind of curiosity (and even then, some of us only THINK we know....)


3. I think the younger students tend to grow up very quickly. That's not to say that you're going to get her back with a tattoo or something....lol Just that they lose their naivety pretty quickly. They learn a LOT about people.

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You nailed it, angiered! Some of these are not necessarily good or bad, they just ARE. Other times, they can be either good or bad, depending on the individual kid, personality, and personalities around them.

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I wanted to bump this thread to the top of the forum. I have been reading through the older threads of this board at a steady pace, and this has been the best thread I've found about considering all aspects of residency.

It would be a great one for anyone who's starting to think about sending a kid to live away from home to read!

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