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My daughters both love the So Danca SD-16's - they are hard to find in brick-and-mortar dance stores, but I can always find them online. They do wear out quicker than the Grishko's did in the past - but as mentioned above, they are well-fitted and very flattering to both of my girls' feet

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DS will only wear the split sole Grishko's. He loves the look of the arch and they seem to last forever. Honestly. We replace only when his foot grows out of them (which he does far too often). With size 11 feet, I also appreciate that they come in such big sizes!

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My daughter has used many different shoes but particularly liked the Sansha and Bloch Proflex. Her new favorite flat is one by Gaynor Minden. Regardless of what you think about Gaynor pointe shoes, these flats are beautiful and my daughter loves the way they fit. It's a bit on the pink side when they are new but they look amazing on her feet and have been very durable.

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I think we should look around for other flats for my DD. She has worn the Capezio Juliet's for years, with the exception of having to wear a specific Bloch shoe that she hated for company performances while she was at her former studio. Now, there are no requirements for specific shoes and some of the other girls wear canvas shoes. She likes the Juliet's, and they look decent on her, but I wonder if there's anything else out there that would be even better.... These don't last very long, they are very soft and the leather feels thinner than most other flats. I also think the vamp looks a tad bit long on her. She loves the fact that they come presewn, lol!

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My DD has tried all of the canvas flats and now we are back to the Bloch Pro Hybrid.....the canvas gets stiff and nasty as she wears. Her instructors had her switch back to leather and everyone is happier. Her favorite of all time were Repetto but they are impossible to get here....

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I'm in the same boat! We made the mistake of buying two pairs of Repetto shoes for our daughter when we were in Paris. Now she is in love with them and it is impossible to find them in the U.S. My husband even searched for them when he was in Munich last month. She has really small feet, high arches and narrow heels. I can see right under the middle of her foot when she wears them. They hug her arches without bunching when she points her toes.

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Just had a chance to try the DoDanca sd16's. DD loved them, hasn't had class in them yet as we just bought them but they looked really nice on her feet. Nice to have a less pricey option than the Juliet's! Now if only allaboutdance would carry them..! ;)

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My DD loves the Grishko Performance canvas slipper. She has long, very narrow feet so she is difficult to fit, but the Grishkos work very well for her. She tried the Juliet when she had to wear leather, but she didn't like the fit and feel as well and I didn't like that they last about five minutes. Our issue now is the long drive to the only "local" supplier that carries it in 'A' width - still waiting for DD's feet to stop growing so we can buy in quantity.

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My DD switched from the Bloch Proflex to the Bloch Synchrony and loved them. Just got her second pair. Friends seem to like them to. They show arch nicely and have no holes in them even though she has been wearing them 4 days a week.

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Just a quick update: DD who has loved her Juliet's for several years, has replaced them as the shoe of choice with the SD16's. She really loves these after having class in them all week, and I have to say they look very flattering on her feet. We both like a really sleek, snug fit and these are beautiful and she says very, very comfortable!

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Most of the conversation here has been involving canvas ballet flats. My dds have been wearing the Capezio Juliet leather shoes (they have to wear leather) for a few years now. The older one now takes all her classes en pointe, so she still keeps the Juliets for audition classes, and will use them for any classes she needs them for in the summer. My younger dd still needs the leather flats . . . but I'm tired of how quickly she goes through these shoes. The bottoms need to be re-sewn every other pair, and while they look lovely on her feet-- they also wear out quickly. So, does anyone have a recommendation for a leather ballet flat, that is still very flattering on the foot but might hold up at least a little better than the juliets? We've used a bloch split sole before, but neither of them liked that one.

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So, does anyone have a recommendation for a leather ballet flat, that is still very flattering on the foot but might hold up at least a little better than the juliets?

The So Danca SD-16 mentioned above comes in leather. I asked our local store about it, and they said they don't carry it because of lack of demand but they could do a special order. But, they do exist.
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I finally found a place online that sells Repetto split sole canvas (the model T225) ballet flats. They are in Florida. They don't seem to carry half sizes, but have a huge range of whole sizes. They are at danzarcorp.com. I ordered two pairs for my daughter and they shipped quickly. I'm sure they aren't for everyone, but for us they are great-they seem to be the perfect shape for my daughter's foot. All the other shoes she tries she seems to have to count on the elastic drawstring to make them snug on her feet.

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So excited to see that Repetto now ships to the US! $10 express DHL shipping and returns can be made to their new boutique in NY. DD loved her T225 shoes that she got in Paris this summer but wanted to try the other canvas split soles. Ordered today; hopefully they arrive quickly!

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My dd also recently switched to the Bloch Synchrony flat shoe. No elastic draw string! The casing has been replaced by elastic and the canvas itself has stretch to it so it nicely hugs the foot. I am actually considering getting a pair myself.

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