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My dd has worn the So Danca sd-16, and liked them very much. However, she has recently switched to Bloch Zeniths and they are now her favorites.

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I can't believe I didn't realize that Repetto now ships direct to customers in the U.S. My daughter needed black canvas ballet shoes for Nutcracker. We are on the west coast and were having them shipped to a store on the east coast, then to us. It was supposed to take 3-4 weeks but they still haven't made it here and it has been five weeks. She has to turn her shoes in on Monday, so I'm not holding out much hope.

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So excited to see that Repetto now ships to the US! $10 express DHL shipping and returns can be made to their new boutique in NY. DD loved her T225 shoes that she got in Paris this summer but wanted to try the other canvas split soles. Ordered today; hopefully they arrive quickly!

How did you place your order? I was on their website and it didn't show U.S. shipping. I tried it anyway, but it wouldn't allow United States as a country option for shipping.

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AB'sMom, I think it must have just happened very recently. Here's the link to the US website but if you go to www.repetto.com and look to choose a country then America is now listed on the right. http://www.repetto.com/us/


Here's the link to the page that talks about shipping and returns: http://www.repetto.com/us/return-and-delivery


I ordered on Wednesday and got a DHL text that they'll be delivered on Monday. Maybe you could swap them out if you order soon?

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Thank you so much, WWLGD! Performances start Thursday, so I may be out of luck for Nutcracker this year, but for her regular class shoes this will be wonderful!

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