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Take a powder?

Guest Bill Mulkern

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Guest Bill Mulkern

I've been considering a switch to a biketard for the summer, but I don't like wearing ballet shoes on bare feet - I find the friction uncomfortable. Does anyone use talcum/body powder in their shoes? I've done this with sneakers and loafers; just wondering whether the experience would be the same.

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I know some who use talc, some who use baking soda; most just wear thin socks if bare skin + shoes bother them.


Word of warning: please be exceedingly careful about where you sprinkle talc in a studio as the next person in your area could be seriously injured by residue on the floor. ;)

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To reduce the friction, try taking out the inner stuff in your shoes (liner, etc.). These are glued in and add little value. One other concern in the summer is sweating through your shoes. I often went through two or three pairs of shoes a day!

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I know many of the dancers in my studio takes out the stuff inside the shoes as they buy them..

Personally, i like just wearing skin and shoe, works for me biggrin.gif


-Henrik, 16, Norway

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