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English National Ballet Schools Programme?


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I've been thinking of applying for several schools across Europe/ the UK and was wondering about the English National Ballet Schools' training program and it's success in the sense of its graduate employment rate etc, how the training is there, how its' programme compares up to other pre-professional ballet schools (Like Central Ballet, Royal Ballet, Northern Ballet) and the chances of employment to a good company thereafter. Advice and help would be greatly appreciated! Should I decide to audition of course i'm not saying it's a given that I will be accepted (and apologies if it has been read this way), but I am still evaluating whether I should try my luck especially since I live so far away. Thank you!

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The ENB is directed by Tamara Rojo. She does some teaching & observing at the School, I think.


The ENB School is like other world-class vocational schools such as the RBS, John Cranko's school in Stuttgart, SAB, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, and the Australian Ballet School (my list is NOT comprehensive, just off the top of my head!) Graduates enter top ballet companies around the world (someone I danced with had a child at the school who danced for a long time in European professional companies).


So if you're at that level, it should definitely be one to audition for.

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I agree with Redbookish, ENB school is one of the leading ballet schools worldwide. Most of the dancers in ENB company trained there. Naturally there isn't room for all the graduates, so they join other companies in UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

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Beware of confusing Northern Ballet Academy in Leeds and Northern Ballet School in Manchester. The former is the school attached to the company Northern Ballet. It has strong classical training and its graduates get classical jobs. The latter is a totally independent dance school with professional training which although they have a classical stream, does not lead to graduates going into classical companies. Most join cruise ships or commercial theatre productions.

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If you are interested in graduate employment (who wouldn't be?!) ENB pubishes their graduate contracts here



If you are interested in Europe also remember that there are an increasing number of youth companies (eg Het National- the Dutch National Ballet, I think Stuttgart also has one) which provide a great half way house between school and a professional company- they are small and the dancers get to practise a wide repertoire, tour, take parts with the main company, but at the same time are a little more 'looked after' than the main company (eg I know Het National provides accomodation).


Worth investigating


Good luck

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CeliB - are you sure about the accommodation at Het National Junior company - because I know that the students in the HBO program don't even get accommodation.

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yes- DS's close friend has just started there. She has a shared flat with one other member of the junior company which is a short travel distance from the studios. I am not sure if she pays part of her salary towards it but certainly it is company administered and they didn't have to do anything organisationally, just turn up with suitcase and be shown in. DH had a long chat with the people who organise the junior company (he and DS took his friend over to Amsterdam as she had never been to Europe before) and the level of pastoral care sounded impressive- they were talking about giving them cooking lessons as they were aware many had been in vocational school since age 10 and weren't very domestically able.....

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