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Important Acronyms (abbreviations)

Victoria Leigh

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Here are some abbreviations often used on this site. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is helpful.


ABT American Ballet Theatre

BB Boston Ballet

BBT Bossov Ballet Theatre

CPYB Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

DTH Dance Theatre of Harlem

DTHS Dance Theatre of Harlem School

HB Houston Ballet

IBC International Ballet Competition

JBC Joffrey Ballet of Chicago

KCB Kansas City Ballet

MCB Miami City Ballet

Mr. B Nickname for George Balanchine

NBC National Ballet of Canada

NBS National Ballet School (Canada)

NCSA North Carolina School of the Arts

NYCB New York City Ballet

NYSSSA New York State Summer School of the Arts

OBT Oregon Ballet Theatre

PBT Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

PNB Pacific Northwest Ballet

POB Paris Opera Ballet

RAD Royal Academy of Dance

RB Royal Ballet

RBS Royal Ballet School

R.B.Soc Russian Ballet Society.

RWB Royal Winnipeg Ballet

SAB School of American Ballet

SFB San Francisco Ballet

UBA Universal Ballet Academy

VSA Virginia School of the Arts

WSB Washington School of Ballet

WB Washington Ballet

YAGP Youth America Grand Prix

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Here are some more acronyms that are commonly employed on the board:


DD: dancing daughter

DS: dancing son

DK: dancing kids

DH: dear husband

AD: artistic director

SI: summer intensive

RA: resident assistant

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Please, let’s keep abbreviations in our posts to a minimum, that is, please use only these ‘official’ abbreviations.  It is difficult to guess what individuals mean when they create their own abbreviations. 

Please also remember that we do require folks to use FULL word spellings, as we have many members for whom English is not their first language AND we adult need to model proper English spelling, grammar, capitalization, and spelling for the young dancers and ourselves.  

We also do not use text-speak or text salutation forms.  We are having conversations in standard English. :D

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