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Is ballet a good idea? Not sure whether to pursue!


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:clapping: Excellent CeliB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone and thanks for the further replies.


Wow,CeliB - Prix De Lausanne! How exciting! Well done to your son!! I hope he does well! :)


Redgemini, I totally agree about children and expectations - its my experience that children whose parents have low expectations for them tend to live up to them (I see sad examples of this in my immediate family, and its something I want to avoid for my own children). I let my children know that my expectations of them are high (although I always worry about the risk of being unrealistic and the frustration and loss of confidence this could cause, hence my worry about pursuing ballet). I have told my son that I expect him to concentrate and do his best in class if he wants to carry on with ballet. I do notice a definite maturity gap between him and the girls in his class, though, which his ballet teacher says is fairly typical in her experience.


He had a private lesson just before Christmas which I think was helpful, and his teacher says it helped her a lot also, to see what it is he's struggling with. I'm going to arrange for him to have some more private lessons this term, and see if it helps him start to make sense of everything. His teacher says that she feels he will be a "lovely dancer" once he starts to actually get into the swing of things.

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Loved your story, CeliB! Congrats to your son and I wish him luck in the Prix de Lausanne!

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