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I was just wondering if anyone here subscribes to the Blue Diamond newsletter. Blue Diamond Dance is a web page devoted to adult students like ourselves. The site is pretty interesting and I've been tempted to subscribe to the newsletter so that I can get to the members only section of the web page (and get the info on exersizes and other tips in the newsletter), but I've never quite convinced myself to spend the money. Is anyone here a member? Is the newsletter worth the investment?

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I'm a member, and I just subscribed to the newsletter, and the back issues as well.


If you enjoy the rest of the site, the newsletters contain some really nice information. She has some great exercises and explanations of muscles which I think are valuable.


For $45.00, I think it is worth it. If you decide after a year you have enough, then kill the subscription. She also has a package which she gives you back issues, I think it was $70 and included a pack of therabands, which she lists exercises for as well.


I'm enjoying the newsletters. It is nice to have an adult directed focus instead of the learn as a child focus. The subscriber section on the web has a few more interesting tidbits.


My feeling is that someone putting out a newsletter deserves the $45.00, and that the info is good to have. Others may differ, but I like it.

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Well, if you subscribe to the newsletter you also get access to the members only sections of the web page, which antbobby could say more about...

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And of course, I could mention that there are two other fine journals associated with this site, if some posters don't already know, "Ballet Alert!" and "DanceView" which are plain reasonable for subscriptions. :rolleyes: Just hit the link for main page Ballet Alert! and hit the link for subscribe for all current information thereon!;)

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Members only section - I would be violating my agreement, so I would just have to say the information is pretty much like other information on the site - just more.


I think the actual newsletters contain the most value for me, more than the members only section, and I subscribed for that reason. Her excerpts made my decision. I was more interested in the back issues and the exercises and the info.


Hope that is not too vague.

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Guest garlrm06

I ordered the $80 package, which consisted of current issues, back issues, and Therabands. To be honest, I find Ballet Talk to be THE BEST resource, as it's THE MOST reliable, professional, instant and personalized. I wish that the subscribers' portion of Blue Diamond were kept more current on a more than every other month basis. But Rosetta, the creator of the site, was completely wonderful, helpful, and honest whenever I've asked a question, specific to the site, or specific to myself as a dancer.

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