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New to this forum--SI for teen boy


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I'm new to this forum. My DS is preparing for SI auditions. He's considering Houston, San Francisco, PNB, Miami, ABT, and Ellison (although he will still be 15 at beginning of SI's in 2015 so NY is less of an option). He has previously attended SI's at Ballet Chicago. I just really wanted to introduce myself at this time but I'm sure I will have more questions after I peruse the forum more for information on SI programs.



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tuladancemom--Good luck to your son! I hope he finds the school that fits his plan and yours. I'm sure you will be pleased with the wealth of information here.


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Tuladancemom, welcome and good luck to your son! There is so much great information on this site and so many very helpful, kind people!

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Welcome! Be sure to visit our Parents of Boys forums and also take a look at our Summer Intensive forums and Summer Intensive archives to help you decide on a summer program.

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Hi there! Welcome to the group! My son attended Houston Ballet last summer (although he was 12 so was most likely in a lower level than your son would be) so let me know if you have any questions specific to boys at that summer intensive. The thread on Houston Ballet in the Summer Intensive board is very good even though it is mostly reviewed by the ladies. It was a great SI and we are having a bit of trouble convincing our son to audition for other intensives as well this year because he loved that one so much he is dead set on going back!

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Thank you everyone. Finallykf-- Houston is one of his top choices--I'm so glad to hear positive feedback from you. Another young man a few years older than my son (that he dances with locally) has attended Houston's SI for the past two summers and has been very pleased. You may not know the answer to this--but I'm interested in feedback on strengthening partnering skills at Houston. My son did take partnering at his summer intensive last summer but was still overhwelmed as it was his first real experience with partnering (he didn't turn 15 until the very end of summer). He has some partnering now as well but really is starting to feel some pressure (and desire) to improve in this area now that he's finally growing and gaining significant upper body strength.

Thanks again--

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Hi, I also have a teen boy dancer. My son is 15. We are looking at Ballet West and Houston for this summer. I have heard a few negatives about Houston , can anyone chime in with how Houston was for you. I am interested in mainly class size and meals. We have had 2 WONDERFUL summers in a row at Nutmeg Conservatory but he is now a year round student there so I think it is important to go somewhere else this summer since he spent the whole school year at Nutmeg.


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Bookmama62 - you will get better answers to your questions if you ask in the designated forums (of course after you've read to see if the question is not answered already).

Ballet West: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=22230&hl=%2Bballet+%2Bwest

Houston Ballet: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=55176&hl=%2Bhouston+%2Bballet

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Bookmama62 - were the complaints about class size at Houston from girls or guys? The guys take class separately from the girls. While Houston has one of the larger men's summer intensive programs I think there were something like 15 guys in my son's combined Level 5/6 classes (Levels 5/6 often took class together). I think Level 7/8 was slightly larger but it's been awhile so I can't remember. Whenever I have heard complaints about class size at Houston it has been from parents of girls. My son wanted to be around a lot of guys since there was only one other serious male dancer at his home studio so he would have been thrilled if the room had been overflowing with guys!!!


I would also say the same thing about the food - the only complaints I have heard have been from girls. My son liked the food - the problem we had was that we purchased the optional lunches but he ended up going out to lunch a lot because he hung out with the older kids who went out to lunch a lot. So we ended up paying more for lunches than we had planned. He thought the optional lunches were good, he just wanted to go out and be social!


Tuladancemom - as far as partnering, it really depends on the level your son is placed in. All the levels have partnering but Levels 7/8 have partnering more days of the week and do more advanced things. Levels 5/6 have it 2 days a week I believe and it is more basic. My son was in Level 5 and had basic partnering at his home studio but felt he improved.

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The Houston dorms are at the U of St. Thomas, a very small liberal arts college of about 1,500 students (my daughter is a junior there and lived in the dorms for two years). Because it's such a small dormitory, the dining hall is small and doesn't have all the options that large university dining halls have (such as the large dining hall on BW's U of Utah campus). Instead of an all-you-can-eat buffet with multiple food stations, the St. Thomas dining hall is more like a small restaurant with a handful of options to choose from each day.


At Ballet West, my son had about 30 men in his advanced men's classes.

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Bookmamam62 can you tell me more about the year round program for your son? We are interested in Nutmeg for our 14 year old for year round.

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