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Any Ballet Classes in NYC or Phila on Jan. 2?


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We will be in NYC for the ABT SI audition and our 13 year son wanted to dance on Jan 2nd in NYC (or Phila). Any ideas for classes?

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Steps on Broadway is definitely open on Jan 2. I would double check the schedule though. My dd planned to take a class on 12/26. She had checked the schedule on Monday and decided what she would take all week. The class she planned to take on Friday was actually cancelled later. Fortunately, there were other choices available, but at different times.


There are also a few classes at Alvin Ailey on Friday.


If you are actually staying in NYC, Philadelphia is a bit far to go just for a class. There are far more available in NYC on any given day. :)

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Thanks Melissa - we are staying in Philly on the evening of Jan. 1 and then NYC on the evening of Jan. 2 so either city would work. I'll check into Steps. I also put a call into the Rock in Philly. Of course, after all this, he probably won't want to go. Might also go to the NYC Ballet's Nutcracker (is the performance worth it this year?).

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In Philadelphia look at Millennium Dance Center or Koresh Dance Center for open, drop-in classes. I believe Gary Jeter, formerly of Complexions, now BalletX, teaches a contemporary ballet class at Millennium. A truly fine teacher and human being. Eva Szabo teaches a very nice classical ballet class most mornings at Koresh. She too, is lovely. Both studios have a host of more contemporary classes and a diverse faculty as well.

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My daughter has taken drop in classes at Millenium... Very enjoyable. Rock is not doing maintenance classes this break. Be sure to call Koresh. They don't typically allow teens to drop in to those classes unless you have the teachers permission. Eva is wonderful:)

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thanks tutu! I so appreciate the recommendation!

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Hi all..this is why I love this forum....so many amazing revommendations. Our son ended up taking a class on Friday evening at STEPS on Broadway and enjoyed it. The teacher was surprised he had started damcing this year and gave him aome great tips. He felt that his audition at ABT went well...although since signing up I see that scholarships are few and far between so that's not good. I think the whole NYC experience was good since he saw other boys (there were only 4 in the 13 and under group and maybe 100 girls. Same ratio in the older group. The line was around the corner...,very eye opening!


From reading more I think we might add Houston and Ballet West to the list if we can fit them in to maximize the chance of a scholarship.


Was anyone else at the ABT today?


We didn't get to the Nutcracker since the tickets that were left were $75 for nosebleed seats....next time!


Thanks for all the sage advice!


Funny story...we left the hotel a bit late. Our son refused to eat breakfast and told me that he needed to sew his new ballet shoes on the way. New tights also had a hole in them so there I was in the taxi and also in the regiatration line sewing his tights (with him in them) and shoes. the things that moms of dancers end up doiing! :-)

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