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RDA and College Future?


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My DD belongs to a Pre-Pro company that is an Honor status RDA participant. What help does this do for her on her College entrance/ application process?

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Our DD went through the college application process last year and was also a dancer in an RDA honor company. My thought is the greatest benefit for your DD is the experience she's drawn from participating in RDA. This could show up in her essays and interviews in particular, as well as how she interacts with people in general. Some programs require a resume and it could be incorporated there as well. I am not sure that honor distinction makes a huge difference, but others may correct me. Participation is an experience that is noteworthy and eye opening.

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I agree that it is the participation that should be noted, and not necessarily the distinction of the company. I've seen very good dancers at smaller, newer companies, and so-so dancers at large, distinguished companies. It is the individual that should matter, not the company.

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