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Hi All,

I've been a member of this wonderful community, starting out as a professional dancer, turned teacher, and now officially can say a young son who is dancing. Ballet is pretty much the family business, as my husband is also a teacher who had a very well known career (much more so than mine) and is still guesting occasionally. A few of the members know my little one, as some have seen his videos and he was made a bit of a sensation, much to our disapproval (the videos in question were originally posted so family in Europe could see them, and at the time they were too large to email) Anyway, I would be curious to hear from anyone who has been in this unique situation as having a child who dances and shows great promise whose parents also happen to be dancers. This year is the first year he has actually started taking class on a regular basis. He is 7, turning 8 in a few months. We have never pushed, and actually prohibited him from even being in the studio for the longest time, but as its now a bit late to try and stop, curious to know our next step. My husband went to a major soviet school at 10, and while we have toyed with it, that will not be an option that I would consider anymore. Anyone with suggestions?

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Daniil Simkin was trained by both of his parents, and he seems to have done pretty well for himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Use your knowledge to find the best place possible for him to train, let him take the lead, offer your help/wisdom when he appears to be having trouble (but don't insist) and remind yourself over and over and over again that it's his turn. Never feel badly for using what you know to help him out. And just like everyone else, remember you are raising a person and not just a dancer :D


Best of luck to your DS and your family - it's a lot of fun.

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I know lots of children of former dancers, who have been trained by their parents and became professsional dancers themselves. I would go with the flow! If he can be in an appropriate class at your own school, why not????

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Thanks, everyone, for the encouraging words! Clara, Simkin is his biggest role model. My husband and his father have been friends for many years, and Daniil sent him a pair of his performance shoes with the sweetest message for his 7th birthday last year. I know my husband has discussed how his family did it with him, and Daniil and my son actually have a lot in common as they were both very precocious performers many years before they started formal training. I think we will just let him guide us with what he needs now, and we will offer our opinions when needed. It's wonderful to have such a great community of parents here. Experienced that already as a teacher here, now as a parent it is even more interesting!

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:thumbsup: I look forward to hearing about his journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wouldn't worry about wondering if you are "pushing" him. You'll know the difference. My DS has always loved class and couldn't wait to get to the studio. On the other hand, my daughter (who is 7) goes back and forth about dance. This year she's not interested. If your son truly loves dance, he will always want to dance. He may not always want you to be his teacher - but I imagine that would be more about spreading his wings when he gets older. For now, let him take the lead. If he wants to dance, let him!

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