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A,B,C Plans or Eggs in One Basket, Deferring College


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We have a similar story. By mid-April it was clear that my DD was interested in a deferral year to continue her training. She had three very strong dance colleges on the table with three very generous artistic scholarship offers. One school told us we could defer the admission but she would have to audition again for artistic merit. That school allowed up to 12 credits during the year to maintain a freshman status. One school would put everything on hold for a year and allowed the same amount of transferable college credit during the year. The last assured us (informally) her merit would stay in place but allowed no college courses during the deferral year--if she enrolled in even one course she would have to reapply as a transfer student. Financial aid in all cases would be re-evaluated. The only common theme was that we needed to make a deposit (to only one school) by May 1st. The school she choose only asked that we complete deferral contracts by mid-July. We did have a conversation about "changing our mind" and the school's ability to be nimble enough for that. It would not have been a problem if she had decided in August to enroll. I learned that every admission office was very willing to discuss their options and guidelines. So I would encourage open conversation with the school. Good luck. For our family this was a very stress filled time.

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Guest watermelonsugar

We have a similar story as well. DD applied to several non-dancing colleges while recovering from hip surgery last year. Plan B and C was in full gear and we put down a deposit in the Spring. She attended a summer program that she auditioned for via video (much to our surprise). The last week of July she was invited for the year. She took til the end of the first week of August to follow her heart and try again for plan A. Indeed, a very stressful time for all, especially DD.


We hadn't read any of the college deferral policies or even dreamed we'd need to. DD sent an email explaining her situation and inquired about her options. This particular school had a policy in place, but given the circumstances they were willing to allow a late deferral and she could even keep her (relatively hefty) scholarship intact for one year. She was not discouraged from taking outside classes, but they didn't usually accept credits from other institutions for freshman so it seemed unnecessary for her to go that route. It does seem to vary quite a bit from school to school and very dependent upon the reason for the deferral.


All in all, I would say definitely divide the eggs as much as you can. Plans A, B and C seem to have to happen simultaneously for much longer than we would like to think.


Best of luck to all on this part of the journey.

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As DD begins her journey, she is already trying to seek answers for balancing university and going for the dream. In the above threads references for deferrals are made but is anyone finding that true for universities that dance is only a minor? Or even those that do not have a classical ballet department?

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DancinDreams, deferrals are deferrals. Just check the university/colleges' policies regarding deferrals. It is not just a departmental issue, so whether there is a dance department or not, there is a deferral policy for the university/college.

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We were in your boat last year! DD did defer to her 1st choice college. We had to pay a 300.00 ( I think) deposit as if she were to attend...and then she was able to request a deferral. The University was more than happy to grant it too, as they had seen by her transcript the path she has been on. The only thing is that if she doesn't start with the next year (Fall 2015) she will lose her academic scholarship. However, she was told it will not be a problem for her to reapply. And they wished her luck! Hope things work out for you.....

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