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Is it OK to wear flesh colored ballet shoes to an audition?


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I'm new to this SI audition thing. Our son loves his Bloch Synchrony split sole shoes. But I haven't been able to get them in black - just flesh color. (long story - Bloch released them in the UK but not in the U.S. yet and I couldn't figure out the sizing in the UK - vs. boys/girls - I was stumped).


Anyway - how bad is it to wear footless black tights with a white leo and his flesh colored shoes to the NGB and Houston SI auditions this weekend? He adhered to the ABT dress code when he did that audition (black footed tights and black shoes) - but was just wondering how important that is. (it would mean he would have to wear shoes he doesn't really like that much - yes, he is picky pants about his shoes and I get that). He also doesn't like footed tights. :wallbash:

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HI DebinCharleston- the only reason I can see that it would 'matter' is if the SI specifically requests a certain dress code for the audition. If they dont (in my limited experience I havent seen requests for colour of shoes with male dancers but that is just my experience), then it shouldnt matter at all. If they DO, then I think we need to stick to it. There is enough competition to get into an SI without giving them a little thing like 'non compliance'. Just my two cents.

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In the past two years, I've noticed that more and more men and boys are wearing very traditional dancewear at auditions. I can't explain the change, but I'm glad my son's studio's dress code is so strict now: fitted white dance shirt or leo, black tights, thin white socks, white shoes.


But I would go with what's conventional at the program for which your ds is auditioning. Some programs prefer footed tights and black shoes.

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Ballet dragon

I agree with mln. I would try to wear whatever the program stated on their website. If the program does not stipulate a specific dress code, then I think your DS should be free to wear what he is comfortable. (I'm thinking of some of the more contemporary ballet programs out there that seem to allow more free spirited dress).


That said, I have to share our Pittsburgh audition experience. For all of the auditions that DS has attended this year, the programs have indicated that they would accept black tights and black shoes, which is what DS is used to wearing at his home studio and feels comfortable in. Pittsburgh specifically states that they want men to wear black tights, white socks, and white shoes.


There were four guys at this year's audition. One of the guys walked into the audition room in black tights and black shoes. Once my DS saw that, he came back out and peeled off his white shoes and socks, put his black shoes back on and walked back into the audition room. What's funny is that the other two gentlemen saw that and did the same.


In the end, all four males dancers auditioned in black tights and black shoes (not white, as stipulated in the website). I would also add that this did not apparently hurt my DS since he was accepted this year.


So, in the end, while I'd try to follow the program's directions, ultimately the program "probably" will look past the uniform and focus on what is actually important for acceptance - technique, musicality, etc.

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Ballet Dragon - I love this story!! I can just imagine that happening..... thanks for sharing it - I'm still laughing. :)

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Ballet Dragon, my own DS would most definitely do the exact same thing. Too funny!

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Since the tan type shoes are typically used by professionals in contemporary productions, a student should stick to the dress code. It could come off as a dancer who thinks he is above everyone, which is not the right kind of attention.

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Clara - luckily it didn't make a difference today.....(I worried for nothing). But I really do need to get his favorite shoes from the UK in black - or hopefully Bloch will start selling them in the U.S. soon (they said that they were going to this Spring).

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