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Momof5dancers, we did the same thing as you last year. It was DS’s 3rd year of auditioning and we decided to “cast the net wide”. It gave him a chance to get a feel for different schools’ styles and what he might enjoy most. Results were mixed from several rejections to several scholarship offers. Through it, he learned a lot about where he was most interested in studying. Hope your DS has a similar experience this year. 😊

Proud (and a bit shocked) to share that DS15 was accepted to Royal Ballet (White Lodge) and San Francisco (w/ scholarship). He is off to a really strong start this audition season, but I’m mostly just proud to see positive reinforcement of all of his hard work this year. It was a difficult one, including leaving the studio he’d been dancing at since he was 3yo and starting at a new studio just this past August.

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Congrats to your son Dancingninja! Is he still auditioning or did he make a choice already? 

We just got a yes to Miami, but the young dancer intensive.  Is that a draw back?  Meaning he would be old enough for the longer program, but he didn't get in.  I just wonder what that means.  

I hadn't heard the thing that if you don't get a scholarship it is like getting a no.  Now that is in my head.  We shouldn't accept anything unless there is a scholarship? 

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Mom0f5dancers, no, not getting a scholarship offer does not mean it is like getting a “no”.  Different programs have different financial aid available and have different philosophies of distribution for it.  An invitation to attend is an invitation to attend.  It means simply that the program folks believe your DS would be a fit and would benefit at their program.

One should go where one feels the DK will get the best training at that particular time in their training journey.  Scholarships are wonderful, but, unless they are a break-it necessity for the child to attend an SI, they can be just one factor in deciding what might be the best training for THAT particular time in training.

So, please, get that thought out of your head!  :D


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It’s human nature to over-read summer audition results.  I have been there.  But try to resist, especially since your son is so young.  And this advice is not just for rejections.  Really nice scholarships can be mis-read as well.  The s.i. decisions are based on many, many factors, most of which we’ll never know.  And no audition result predicts the future.  This is especially true for boys, who grow and develop over a very long span of time.  

Looking back on eight years of auditions, some of the best training and best career moves started with modest s.i. offers.  

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I completely agree with dancemaven and mln! There are way too many other factors outside your DS’s control that can go into why some SIs offer scholarships and some don’t - really try to let go of that idea as quickly as possible. (I know that can be hard at first!) Our strategy has been to narrow down DS’s SI choices first to those with excellent training that met his training needs at that time (which have changed from year to year). 

DS is still waiting for a couple of responses from video auditions and he has one more live audition tomorrow. After that, he will have to decide where he wants to go based on what we can financially afford.

Merde to all our DSs on their auditions this year! 😊

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Hello - English mum here

My 12 year old DS has just been offered a four week  & scholarship to Ellison.  Could someone tell me anything about this program and what your views are on the standard etc?

Thank you so much!


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Coniger, there are dedicated threads for the majority of the more attended SIs, including Ellison Ballet, in the Summer Intensive Forum.  The Forum is arranged alphabetically, so it is easy for members to find the programs that interest them.  Please take some time to read through the thread for Ellison Ballet.  If you have questions that you did not find the answer to, please post on that thread.

Also note that there are two threads for each program.  The initial post in the Who’s Going? thread will explain what information goes on which thread.

Here is the Review and Research thread for Ellison:



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