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Lower back pain


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Ok, I know that this board is not designed to give medical advice but I'd like to hear Ms. Leigh's and/or Mjr. Johnsons' comment to my problem.


For about 5 months or so (a long time, I know) I've got these lower back pains that are quit painful at some points. I didn't think that it was too important but started doing exercises to strengthen my back…but the pain even got worse. No, after every arabesque that I do the pain returns just on the left side of my lower back. At the moment, it has hurt for about 2-3 days and I don't know how to get rid of it. I've done everything to protect my back from injuries (e.g. doing crunches as low as possible, buying the best running shoes available) and have always sat up straight.

Should I pay a visit to my doctor or is it something that every dancer gets every now and then because of an arabesque?




-Svenia- :(

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No, Svenia, it's not a normal situation. Backs are such complex systems that it would be best in this case for a doctor to observe the problem and hear the background. There are so many causes for back pains, that I'd hesitate even to venture a guess as to what's wrong. Any pain that persists like that needs professional attention! But thanks for asking!:(

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