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Saw this on another parents forum - where is everyone's DC heading this summer?


DD (13) will be at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's SI - which, of course, is the furthest away and longest program she was accepted into.

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This thread is fine . . . . as long as it doesn't turn into a long list of all the SIs one's DK was/was not accepted into. We do not want 'scorecards' being kept or used. :D


If you all want to share where your DK is finally headed, great. But please refrain from going into details. There are the SI Who's Going? threads for more sharing.

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lol, camercad... Furthest away and longest program...


Dd(14) will be off to CPYB 5wk this summer.

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DD (13, 14 by summer) SAB

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We will expect reviews to be posted by everyone on the appropriate thread at the end of the SI. :thumbsup:

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DD (9, will be 10 this summer) SAB California. I will be sure to post a review afterward, but it is her first so there won't be much to use for comparison.

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Don't need comparisons, only your/your daughter's impressions and experiences. :)

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Sorry, I realized I was in the wrong forum--daughter is under 13. As for comparison, I just meant that my daughter might just say, "It was awesome!' because it is her first experience. Although I guess thinking it is awesome is a valid commentary nonetheless.

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ABT Austin which is just down the road from us. I can't wait to write a review with my daughter once she finishes.

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