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After being accepted to several programs, DD14 decided on Next Generation Ballet in Tampa. She was accepted into Baltimore School for the Arts year round program, so she will probably stack part of their summer intensive as well depending on dates TBA.

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DD17 is going to Fort Wayne Ballet for 4 weeks.


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My 13 y/o dd will be at her home intensive for June and then to PNB for the second time. 


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My late- starter will be headed off to her first SI this summer; 5 weeks at UNCSA. She just turned 16.  She's very excited,  but also a little anxious! 


Editted to add:  Her home studio just announced their summer schedule, and it turns out she'll be in town for that one, so she'll be doing both. 



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We will be flying in from London to Ellison this year. DD is very excited to spend summer in NY.

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DD14 will stay at home studio for two weeks then SAB for five. Her first time away. Gulp!

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Mom de deux

DD will turn 14 at the beginning of the summer and then head clear across the country to Alonzo King LINES advanced program for 4 weeks. She can't wait.

She'll also begin and end her summer at her home studio's intensive, which will include some great guest teachers.

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My girls (12 & 16) will be attending Sarasota Ballet for 5 weeks this summer.  It's my oldest daughters first summer in the program, but my younger daughters 3rd year.  They are both very excited. We have had wonderful experiences with them the 2 previous summer.  It's sort of our home away from home for how. 

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DS13 will be attending Sarasota Ballet too. Leigh28, perhaps we'll get to meet at the showcase at the end of the summer. :-)

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DD17 will be attending Atlanta Ballet Professional SI for 5 weeks.

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