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Am I too tall for ballet?


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I'm 13 and I haven't stopped growing and I'm probably 5'4" now. I just hope I don't get too tall for a company because getting control over myself while I'm dancing is already a struggle and I can't move as quickly as some of my less than 5' classmates.

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Pirouettegirl123, at 13 there is no way to know how tall you will be. And being tall is not a problem for dancers these days. They come in all sizes. Sometimes, if one is like really, really tall or short they will need to be exceptional dancers because they might not fit in the corps de ballet. But I would not worry about that at this time! Also, at 13, during your major growth years, you will find that your center can get a bit lost, and coordination can go by the wayside for a little while. Don't worry about that either, as it will all even out eventually. :)

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I've been struggling with this too, and now my major growth spurt has slowed down. Let me just say that I lost all of my balance, strength, coordination, and turns. I would look around the classroom and see people who weren't having a huge growth spurt as I was, and I would feel discouraged and frustrated. I still do. But, my strength has improved, and as long as you focus on your own path and try not to compare yourself to others, you will be much more appreciative of what you can do in this crazy time of growing. Good luck, and remember: it gets soo much easier! :clover:

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Some companies want tall dancers, I think if you are talented them the sky is the limit ❤️

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