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Getting that split jump


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Getting a split jump has been hard for me. I did it once but then I lost it. :'( which exercises do you guys suggest for me to do so I can have it by the summer? I can do an over split and a needle I also do TRX to get stronger. Please help me.

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Pirouettegirl123, can you please speak ballet? I have no idea what you mean by a needle or a TRX, and oversplits are not used in ballet. By split jump I am assuming that you mean a grand jeté?


*****This question needs to be answered by the original poster and then by a Teacher Moderator before anyone else can respond.

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Sorry Ms. Leigh. By "split jump" I meant actually doing a split in the air during a Grand Jetè or a saut de chat. TRX is a suspension training system to increase core strength. A needle is a standing split and an over split is just where you put your front or back foot on top of an object that pushes up your feet above the hips when you do a split.

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Okay. I knew what an oversplit was, but just wanted to be sure that you were speaking of a grand jeté or saut de chat. The TRX thing is new to me, so I cannot comment on that. A needle is not something in classical ballet, nor is an oversplit. Sounds like rhythmic gymnastics to me. I think oversplits are very dangerous and totally unnecessary.


As for making the grand jetés and saut de chats better, since you do own a split, it's likely that your jump and your travel up and over and through the air are what need improvement. Sometimes too much stretching leads to a lack of strength. How is your jump, over all? You have said you are in a growth spurt, and tall for your age, so my guess is that you are not strong enough yet, or at this time. The muscles need to catch up with the bone growth. It will all happen in time, as long as you are getting great quality of training and work hard. :)

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