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Teachers our boys have loved


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When talking to other dance moms (and also DS's teachers), I always want to hear about specific teachers that can make a "difference" with DS's training. My son attends year round at Nutmeg and he especially loves Eleanor D'Antuono. All the kids rave about what a fantastic teacher she is. When looking at a school for year round or for an SI, I find it helps if there's a teacher like that there. Please add to this topic specific teachers that your boys have loved!

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Peter Stark, Peter Stark, Peter Stark!! Oh, how sad we are that he is leaving NGB. I can't even begin to describe the positive impact this man has had on my son's dancing. Wonderful teacher in every way possible. He is the best thing that ever happened to my son's ballet training!


My DS will be attending Houston Ballet for the second summer this year and he adores Claudio Munoz and Andrew Murphy there.

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Ballet dragon

Servy Gallardo. Enthusiastic, energetic, kind, inspirational. An amazing teacher who was the first to start teaching my son to dance like a man. My DS was fortunate to spend a summer with him when he was still with Peoria Ballet.

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We love Andrew Murphy at Houston. He inspires, nurtures and pushes when appropriate. My son is thriving in his care.


DS is not old enough to be in class with Claudio Munoz so I can't comment on him.

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I second Servy Gallardo and Andrew Murphy. DS finds both to be very tough but inspriring and motivating, and both are great at demonstrating technique. He also loved taking Claudio Munoz classes at HBA and in master classes at YAGP. Other favorites are Nick Kepley (Ballet Austin and Motion Dance Theater) and Olivier Munoz (Orlando Ballet School). He took with them during summer intensives at his home studio.

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As moderators, we do understand that as Parents of Boys it is important to have access to inspiring teachers. However, we also are cautious to not allow in one thread what we don't allow in other forums. Since we have not allowed a similar listing on any Parent's thread, we feel we cannot allow it on this one either. Please note that this does not mean you cannot in individual school threads or SI threads to mention who might have inspired, but simply we, as moderators, must think not just about this Parent of Boys forum but also all the others and if we would allow it there as well.


Thanks for your understanding or at least your respect that we need to be fair across the board for reasons you may not have thought of. With that, I'll close this thread.

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