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Funding for Residence Schools


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Hi! I am currently looking for residence schools for next school year. Where I am located, it isn't possible for me to receive pre-professional training without driving at least 2 hours, which isn't an option for my family because I have siblings as well. I know that I need better training than what I am receiving, so attending a residential school is probably the only option. So far I am looking into the Rock School (top choice), UNCSA, Harid, and Ballet West (if residential is added next year). But there's one pretty big thing in the way--cost.


My parents are willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen for me, however there's no way we can manage paying the costs of tuition, academics, room and board, and not even to mention pointe shoes and other required materials. We are trying to find financial aid or funding that can help me.


So... my question is where can I find opportunities for these? I have so far found Dance Council of North Texas (Deadline passed) and Harlequin monthly video scholarships. Are there any others out there? Thanks in advanced!



I am so sorry if this is the wrong spot!!!

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Most programs offer limited, need-based financial aid. You would have to apply with all your financial information and the school will notify you if you receive any aid. However, you generally must be registered for the program before becoming eligible. In other words, you commit to the program before finding out if you will receive any financial aid. And...it probably won't be much. (Contact programs for their specific info as I am speaking in generalities.)


We looked for the same kind of programs when it was decided DD would go to a residential school and didn't find many options. You might check with your state and local arts councils - they sometimes have programs with a training stipend.


Considering the time and effort involved in locating the (few) opportunities, you may be better off focusing on ways you can earn money and/or tighten your budget.


Best wishes--

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Also, while it's not a lot of money - every little bit counts - you could apply to your local civic organizations: your Woman's Club, Lion's Club, etc. I was head of the scholarship committee when I was a Woman's Club member and reviewed applicants for college and arts scholarships. I live in a very small town, but we were able to donate $1,000 yearly to a ballet student at a pre-pro boarding school.


I would apply soon as the next couple months are when these clubs must spend their money for the year.

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I know that CPYB has a generous scholarship program as the director's philosophy is that no dancer be denied training because of finances. Have you checked them out?

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Boydancermom-- I have not really looked in depth into their program, however a very important aspect for my family is housing and schooling. But I will look into their program some more!

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