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In good "henrik-tradition" I have managed to hurt myself again, ufcourse just before my (very important)audition 10th march... It isnt a serious wound, but I might need some advice how to get the foot good to the audition;

I was out snowboarding, and crashed with another guy. I jumped, and he managed to swing under me as I was in the air...

I only hit my leg, and I didnt brake anything, but the muscle got a hard time... I went to my doctor, who sent me to a doctor specialicing in muscle-damages and pain in muscles

(I dont know what his title is in english, in norwegian it is fyscioterapeut, it might be the same word??)

anyways, im going to him tomorrow (or, im jumping on one foot to him) but if anyone knows any way to get me good quick, this would be the time to confess smile.gif

thank you for any advices!!

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I'm afraid there's nothing that's going to hurry things along for an injury like this, Henrik. frown.gif

In rocket science, there's a saying called "Murphy's Law" - "If anything can possibly go wrong, it will." Some people add, "and at the worst possible moment." Follow the advice of your doctor and your physiotherapist, they know exactly how to bring you back. You might ask the therapist about "contrast baths" now that the acute stage of the injury is over. It's an alternating hot/cold application. S/he can show you exactly how to do it for your situation and type of injury.

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I talked to him today, and got some medications! Im going back later today for one more hour, and he said he didnt think it was a problem to get me in ship shape to the audition tongue.gif

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Henrik, "fyscioterapeut" is close in English -- Physiotherapist. And what you're getting is physiotherapy smile.gif


I hope everything goes well -- I also wanted to congratulate you on your signature line smile.gif Salut til Bournonville!

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Guest Andrew

Henrik, I hope your leg is better by now. I just want to say from one snow boarder to another.. I spend twice as much time in ballet than any other physical activities and have for many years now but I've noticed that most of my injuries are from NON dance related causes. Funny thing, eh? Anyway, good luck with your audition. Andy

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Well, unfortantly I cant say my leg has gotten much better... It has improved some, and i have (today) decided to dance at the audition on sunday.. But its gonna hurt frown.gif

Alexandra: yes, I have found the page, actually, you told me about it smile.gif

Concerning the snowboarding, its my lifes second joy! I spend A LOT more time dancing than snowboarding, as I think (mark think) that is what im going to do as a work, if I manage it! But hell, thisjust gets me in bad mood *looking down on my bandaged leg..*

Have to listen to some sad music and feel a bit bad for myself, so I can get up on top again wink.gif

I really hope that my audition goes good... Ill let you know! its on sunday eek.gif

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Guest Szilagyi

Hi Henrik,


maybe this thought will help you next Sunday: if you are meant to be a dancer, you will dance, no matter what will cross your way. If you will make this audition or not won't change this destiny. Dancers kept on dancing under the most incredible circumstances, not because they WANTED to dance but because they HAD to dance (think about Nijinksy, Nureyev, Sergeyev and Dudinskaya etc...). They faced way more difficult situations than a hurt leg and they made it because they had to!

I'm not writing this because I think your injury is not serious! I'm writing it to show you that your mind is stronger than you can imagine wink.gif




**** "I don't want dancers who want to dance, I want dancers who MUST dance."

Mr. B.

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thank you, trigger!

My leg is getting better and better, and my fyscioterapeut ( wink.gif ) will put on a sort of bandage to reduse some pressure on the leg.. the muscle is broken, so it will hurt, but hell, im going to do the audition! No snowboarder are going to have the pleasure of ruining my first important audition!! smile.gif

Leaving town saturday, audition sunday...


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HI everybody!

my computer have been to repair, therefore, I havent been writing in a while. But since last time, I have finished my first (”real”) audition, whitch was fine. It was’nt as scaring as I thought.

now, the result was in one way negative, i didnt get in… but I got a very good reason, and a former teacher of me was in the jury, so we talked for a while afterwards! Happily, it was not my skills or flexibility who were the reason, but the fact that im really 3 yrs to young. (you can apply for the school when youre 16, but it meant for 19+)

secondary reason: im not strong enough yet in my tummy and back! I was a little disapointed right after, but I really see it as a good expirience, and a (god, if my english was a little better, this would be easyer to explain) ”exuse” (words… dont come easy to me… smile.gif ) to practice more!


This means I am going to have to live in my little city atleast for a while more..

well well, I atleast did a good audition! Almost everything was as they are supposed to be, and I got to show them what I can!

And, as a little cheer up to myself and an information to you: none of those who were auditioning together with me got in! (180 peoples applying, 7 spaces...)


[ March 13, 2002, 12:05 PM: Message edited by: Henrik ]

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Hey Henrik,


you've got a GREAT attitude -- GOOD LUCK -- with the leg, and with the abs and back.... THe stomach is crucial.... My teacher says "Do your arabesque with your stomach!!!" SOunds impossible huh? But it can be done, and it means you have so much more control getting into the NEXT step....


keep dancing....



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