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preprofessional program in Austin and Dallas

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Hi wonderful dance community members,


My family is considering to move to Texas and need your help in local dance studios. My DD is 14 years old, is currently in the pre professional company of a very good studio. I am trying to decide between Austin and Dallas.


I heard a bit about Ballet Austin Academy. I think it will be good for her to grow there especially they have a trainee program there. Can someone educate me about other good studios in town?


Studios in Dallas that I heard of now is Ballet Academy of Texas in Coppell, Texas Ballet Theater ballet school in Fortworth and Richardson, Lake Cities Ballet in Lewisville.


Any info will be greatly appreciated. It is scary having to make a decision to move a family with so much unknown.




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I'm in Houston, but my son knows many serious ballet dancers in the Dallas area from seeing them year-to-year at YAGP, SI auditions, and SI's. All the Dallas dancers he knows go to the Ballet Academy of Texas.


I haven't heard of any serious ballet studios in Austin other than the academy associated with Ballet Austin.

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I am aware of two other ballet schools in Austin. Austin School of Classical Ballet and the Slavin Nadal School of Ballet. I admit I had to look up the name of the last one. I only remembered that it was founded by the same people who founded Ballet Austin. I don't have any first hand knowledge of either of these aside from the fact that they exist.

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There are threads on both of these cities under "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School". There are quite a few replies there - may not be current, but might give you an idea of where to start.

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Thank you everyone for replying. Really appreciate it.

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It would be helpful to everyone looking in either city for any additional information be shared on the appropriate thread in the "Finding a Pre-Pro Ballet School" Forum. The threads there are alphabetical by State (or country) and then by city (or other more specific geographic area). So, it is pretty easy for everyone to find the geographic areas they are interested in.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hi littlehelen: If you are thinking of relocating a bit North of Dallas, you might consider Hathaway Academy of Ballet, in Plano. They have a pre-pro program, and participate in both RDA and YAGP. I understand they are in the middle of a transition of sorts, and have a new set of ballet teachers coming in to the studio, so you would want to take that into consideration.


Good luck in your research

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thank you Pas de Quoi, will definitely check it out.

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If it is permitted littlehelen, would you please email me. I would like to add to this discussion privately as I have some feedback on a few schools, however, the information could make me identifible and I prefer to be somewhat anonymous. If this is not allowed I apologize in advance.


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