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Finding PDD Partner + Weights work for PDD?


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Dear all,


I am glad to see this forum is still on its feet.


I have two questions, one is for help, the other is for discussion.


1. I need help finding a PDD partner. I am amatuer Ballet dancer, with 14 years of experience and a few years of PDD, and currently I don't have a partner. I have exhuasted my friends and colleagues network, and due to my age (37) studios with teenage Ballerinas (17-18) are intimidated to incooperate me as a partner, due to possible parents critique (a bit understandle). If you have any ideas where I can find a partner, who dance en pointe and not a professional - I'd be happy to hear. I live in Israel, BTW.


2. free weight lifting to improve your PDD skills and lifting ability - pro? against? share your views!





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I would look for a partner in your classes. That will be your best bet.


I am a supporter of free weights. Of course the goal there is not for a large amount muscle mass. Clean, long lines are needed so a balance of strength and flexibility is imperative. Everything should also be functional. Adding weight training to your schedule won't help with your skill level but has obvious advantages. The added strength will also help avoid injury when lifts don't quite go the way you expect them to.

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Pushups are good too. High Intensity interval Training (HIIT) helps build strength. Work on shoulders and arms.


Ladies on Pointe need partnering help. Ask pointe teachers if they want you to stay for a quick partnering class after pointe.

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Just reading some old posts as first time logged on here for a some time.


There are always ladies looking for a partner, like MJ said for Pointe, good place to start for a guy looking for a partner, when I first started , I was sort of asked to do this, to give support to ladies while they did pointe, was not even dancing at that time, this was more just actually physically supporting them, got me into ballet, once you "gain the confidence" of ladies sure you will find a partner or partners I found that after some time age was not an issue, like said most girls are around the 18 to 20 make , or where in my classes, but soon they where happy to partner me,


On weights, they yes they are a good think BUT to build strength and not load muscle mass, design a work out that suits you - everyone is different in what they need, that builds up your strength but at same times limits that muscle mass.


With being away for some time now, not danced since about Sept last year just on the road to getting my fitness back before start classes again in a couple week, surprising how fast you lose fitness , in relation to ballet when not doing !


Hope you have been luck to find a partner since you posted

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I have always been interested in training for partnering myself. One of my teachers was brave enough to test my strength, being able to lift her, and keep her on her leg, etc. I did a lot of bench pressing prior which I should have been able to lift her easily as she could not have been more that what I was bench pressing at the time. So, anything specific you could recommend besides bench press in order to be able to lift the lady I would also like to ask for myself. I have been away from ballet for a while and want to get back in and accomplish my goal of a possible partnering performance. 

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The main issue for most of the simpler lifts is core strength, so any good basic weights programme will do. Squats/Bench & Overhead Press/Deadlift (for power)/Clean type stuff. If you're going to be working with non-traditional ballerinas you're going to need to be able to move relatively large amounts of weight, even with their help.

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